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6th December 2020

Wandering recently through an arcade popular with the green smoothie set, I saw a sign boasting: “Plant Based Meat”.

Someone should advise those nutritional dunderheads that all real meat is plant-based. Real beef and lamb are built from live plants like grasses, lucerne and mulga, plus salt, minerals and clay; the best chicken is built mostly on seeds and shoots of wheat, corn and grasses plus a few worms, insects and gizzard-grit; and when I was a kid our bacon was built by porkers from pollard, whey and vegetable scraps.

Cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, deer, bison, rabbits, turkeys and kangaroos have a long history of providing meat for our ancestral hunters and farmers. In tough times the gatherers and gardeners collected and cultivated survival foods like wild onions, seasonal fruit, cabbages, tubers and grass seeds. But there was always a celebratory feast when the hunters returned with high-nutrition meat.

Fake “meat” is usually made from denatured soy beans, peas and wheat, all grown using diesel fuel for cultivation, planting, harvesting and transport – a huge carbon footprint. Then they add meat glue, binders and fillers to hold it together, and artificial flavouring and colouring to make it look and taste right. It is not natural, not green, and less healthy than the worst feed-lot meat.

Sustainable plant-based meat is made when cattle, sheep, goats, camels, deer and pigs graze natural free-range pasture which gathers solar energy via their green-leaf solar collectors. These grazing animals harvest plant biomass without using diesel and they also spread valuable plant fertiliser onto the ground and into the air.

Real meat is greener and healthier than any fake “meat” manufactured by green alchemists.

Viv Forbes
Washpool Qld, Australia.

vforbes [at] bigpond [dot] com

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5 Thoughts on “Real meat is green

  1. Jenny Tame on December 8, 2020 at 1:02 pm said:

    Meat comes from animal tissue, mostly muscle. It’s not sold as meat until the animal is butchered.

    About 80% agricultural land produces 18% protein consumed from meat. That’s the argument.

    Of course you can define “meat” in other ways, eg a sexy woman, but let’s stick to common sense and proper usage.

    • Richard Treadgold on December 8, 2020 at 4:59 pm said:

      What an extraordinary comment, Jenny. Meat doesn’t come from animal tissue, it IS animal tissue, and of course it’s not sold as meat until the animal dies.

      What do you mean by “18% protein consumed from meat”?

      I don’t define meat in any other way; I’m certainly unfamiliar with the example you give.

    • Jenny Tame on December 9, 2020 at 9:40 pm said:

      I meant to say 18% of protein consumed by humans comes from meat, but growing that utilises 80% of agricultural land. My apologies.

      Muscle tissue is not normally labelled meat until it’s butchered for sale. Definitions are not the point, the explanation.

      Apart from substitutes, meat is now grown in vats, and sold.

  2. I have no objection to anyone eating synthetic ‘Plant Based Meat’ if they want to. But I have yet to see anyone put forward a rational and truthful argument which purports to show that all humanity should stop eating meat and start eating non-meat products instead.

  3. I’m sorry Jenny – but “meat” can only be described as the flesh of an animal, so to say it can be grown in vats is utterly wrong & whatever substitutes you put in means it can no longer be called “meat”.

    What i find curious are the many people who lambast us carnivores for doing what our ancestors did for centuries, telling us to eat ‘meat’ alternatives, so when i looked into some of these vegetarian alternatives i find many use soybean protein in the blends, i don’t have a problem with soy bean per-se – but i do find it ironic that most soy bean has been GMO’d, so would be an an anathema to vegans or vegetarian folk!!

    I will continue to do my bit for the planet – converting CH4 & CO2 into real meat!!

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