Open threads

Here are threads for general, continuing discussion. Many visitors and commenters at the Climate Conversation Group have their own ideas about global warming, what’s happening, how to find out about it and what to do about it and we have no intention of telling them any differently. Far better just to provide them a sandbox and see what they construct.

These threads are for questions, answers, references and reflections. Explore the topics that attract you; contribute what you know best. What’s recorded here will become a valuable learning resource.

As comments on a topic become numerous I’ll carve them off to a thread of their own. When a thread becomes too cumbersome I’ll archive it and begin a new thread (hence the numbers, to keep them in sequence).

– Richard T



Response to Global Warming

Sea Levels

ETS and Carbon Taxes

Ocean Acidification

Polar Regions, Glaciers and Ice

New Zealand Issues

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