Slay the green dragon

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The environmentalists’ campaign against “carbon” emissions is called “tcktcktck”, to represent the passing of time until the world is overwhelmed by a carbonic, climatic disaster.

But we call it a sick joke: “sckscksck”, because environmentalists are intent on taking billions of dollars from their brothers and sisters (even their own mothers!) at a time of economic hardship, and that on the unconvincing pretext of using it to–of all things–make the weather colder! Ha, ha! How sick is that?

In the first place, what makes them think they can change the weather, and in the second place, if they could change it, why on earth make it colder when everyone prefers it warmer?

We say: resist — slay the lunatic green dragon!

As men and women of reason, you can register your opposition to the madness. The banner at the top of this page says that those shouting “the end is nigh” are the lunatics–they always have been.

A bit threadbare — we want hundreds!

The earth is in the grip of people who’ve simply taken the green philosophy too far. They want to control all the minute aspects of our lives. That is tyranny. We’ve had enough. We say stop.

We considered it important for this poll to attract intelligent people. So we’ve come up with a simple statement we think reasonable people can readily deny. “Is the earth warming dangerously from human activities?” Since there’s no proof of that, it should be easy to say “No”. That will leave our leaders in no doubt that they are taking us in the wrong direction.

Thanks to those who have voted. It’s more interesting to see how many have voted, so I’ve turned on the numbers. Hmm, it’s still a bit threadbare, isn’t it? We want hundreds, somehow, or thousands! But thanks to everyone so far!

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They make us feel sick

We call our campaign “sckscksck” because that’s how we feel when we hear the ill-informed idea that mankind could destroy the earth, when we hear falsehoods about climate factors changing unnaturally–more hurricanes, more droughts, less sea ice–and the unproven claim that a minor greenhouse gas is raising the level of the sea.

When appeals to reason fail, we must stir public opinion. Please help us do this!

CO2 linked to everything under the sun

The tcktcktck campaign has done something remarkable. They have linked the opposition to carbon dioxide to almost every laudable environmental cause on the planet! They make the astonishing claim that reducing CO2 will cure the most diverse ills, though it cannot be true.

We know, of course, that there is no natural connection between them, but isn’t that a clever marketing trick? Gosh, it will even solve poverty. Wonderful. But try asking them: “Exactly how will reducing carbon dioxide do that?” The answer cannot possibly make sense — but listen anyway!

It’s all so sad, because people can’t object to the carbon dioxide madness without appearing disrespectful of the environment. Associating the madness with the good causes makes us feel guilty just for asking questions.

What now?

Oppose the madness! Spread the word of this poll—we’d appreciate your help with that; please tell people you know and email them this link to the poll to come here to vote.

If you have a web site, please consider using this link to our poll. If you have any questions about handling these links, flick me an email to convenor [at]

Any of that will make a difference. And you’ll be a blimmin’ hero!



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