Usual objections to racial favouritism

David Seymour released the Māori vaccine priority code on social media along with a message encouraging anyone to use it. Yesterday’s Herald carried an opinion piece from Heather Du Plessis-Allan, who said:

Many won’t care what it takes, as long as we get those jab rates up. In the spirit of pragmatism, many may look past their usual objections to racial favouritism just to get the thing done. (emphasis added)

“Usual objections to racial favouritism” — what a juicy big chunk of negligent intellect. What’s your red line, then, Heather?

  • Maori appointees on local body councils? (tick)
  • Maori control of all water? (almost)
  • Maori ownership of our beaches and coastlines? (tick)
  • Maori permission required to develop your own property? (almost)
  • Maori-only park benches? (not yet)

She implies racial favouritism is nothing to complain about, though it has become common since easier Maori access to mortgages began. But it’s not as though a small amount of racism might lead to more—like it leads to apartheid and destroys democracy!

You cannot be serious.

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