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My climate research has taken a hit because I’m focusing on the extraordinary electoral changes introduced by Jacinda Ardern’s government without approval or consultation with the electorate.

The effect is increasingly to distort the electoral balance away from ordinary voters, away from one voter, one vote in favour of Maoris. Not ordinary Maoris, but tribal activists and elites.

In health, Three Waters, local bodies, education, universities, the Royal Society, government agencies, defence, resource management, broadcasting, journalism and much more, job applicants are now required to speak Maori, whether you’re interested in the language or not.

We’ve all noticed the sudden surge of Maori coming from broadcasting and printed media.

In electoral reforms, Maoris will have many times the voting power of ordinary Kiwis along with a blatant veto on anything they don’t agree with. Maoris are being appointed to council seats and other governing bodies so they’ll be forever out of the reach of voters, who will find it impossible to remove representatives who fail to perform or misbehave.

So I founded Free New Zealand to research and analyze what the government’s doing and inform the country, free of the interference of the Public Interest Journalism Fund that most of the MSM go along with—to hell with their long-standing responsibility to stoutly challenge the government and to keep us informed with independent, objective reporting.

So the Climate Conversation channel becomes part of our outreach.

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4 Thoughts on “Shift of focus — politics & democracy

  1. John Power on 18/04/2023 at 5:33 am said:

    I wish good luck upon your new venture, Richard, although, to be honest, I am not sure that you are prepared for the struggle that you will surely have against the forces of globalist tyranny that have invaded, corrupted, undermined and now effectively destroyed practically the last vestiges of democratic governance in every western country which once aspired to being democratic. (I haven’t mentioned the non-western countries because they have already succumbed to the forces of totalitarianism decades ago at least.) Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes, so I wish you good luck with this project, as I say.

    On a personal note, as I am a Brit (and an increasingly ancient one nowadays too!) I feel it would probably be in everyone’s best interests if I stay out of Kiwi politics, about which I am really quite ignorant anyway, so as to avoid meddling in other people’s affairs. However, the quest for real democracy is a universal concern that is not attached to any particular country and I would be happy to participate in any honest-minded discussions about that.

  2. Tricky Dicky on 23/04/2023 at 2:22 pm said:

    Hi Richard,
    For some very strange reason, the population of New Zealand has willingly voted to change our system of government to a kakistocracy. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of this is:
    – “A government that is ruled by the least suitable, able, or experienced people in a state or country” or:
    – “Kakistocracies are governments ruled by the stupid and ignorant.”
    – “The total lack of integrity of the administration is proof that we now live in a kakistocracy.”

    Best of luck with trying to get an alternative message across to the New Zealand public. There is a total lack of engagement or understanding of the political implications. In spite of what has happened over the last few years with the smiling despot in charge, many think that life just carries on as normal and governments of what ever flavour are a mere temporary inconvenience. Ardern, in her most Machiavellian manoeuvre, lit the blue touch paper on a race bomb, threw it in to the middle of New Zealand society, gleefully rubbed her hands together and then walked away, knowing full well she had screwed over New Zealand society to further her own UN/WEF ambitions. From what I gather, Ardern did quit before she wanted. As I was recently told by a Maori activist, she was already negotiating a job in Europe with the WEF, but the Maori caucus within her own government were fearful for their well paid jobs if Ardern stayed on as prime minister before the next election. They could see the writing on the wall. So they pressured her to move on before she was quite ready. The Maori elite in government have a number of agendas. To maintain power, they need to keep Maori repressed. By continually painting Maori as victims of colonial oppression, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Young Maori are told by their own leadership that they cannot achieve because of Pakeha colonialism and the leaders are fighting to overcome this injustice. But the leadership also know that they become redundant without this narrative, so it is in their best interests to keep their snouts in the trough. Having become so entrenched in their own rhetoric, there are really only 2 ways forward – continual repression of Maori ambitions in order to keep the leadership relevant and in positions of power, or revenge, utu. Ardern has opened a path for utu and the ambitions of racist little pricks like Willie Jackson may just be realized. But this is blind revenge. It is the rhetoric of resentment. Many of these leaders are blind to the consequences and really don’t care if they destroy the country and our economy. Revenge for perceived past injustices is all they are interested in. Hence embracing critical race theory through the education system and the revisionist view of history to be taught in schools. Pushing Maori myths and legends as a viable and reasonable alternative to real science, because science is a method of promoting racist white colonialism. Australia has spotted this potential shift and offered a path to citizenship for Kiwis. This appears to be very well timed. It will attract our disaffected brightest and best, with promises of better paid jobs, a better life style and all the benefits of an Australian citizen. Australia will continue to export their home grown criminals here, their own little penal colony. We will need to attract people with all these lost skills. Doctors, nurses, engineers etc. But who would willingly want to come to a country where they are second-class citizens from the moment they arrive, with no real democratic rights and subject to the whims and fancies of a controlling Maori elite. A country spiraling down to 3rd world status because the ruling elite really don’t care if they sink the whole ship in pursuit of blind vengeance.

    Welcome to the Kakistocracy of New Zealand.

  3. Richard Treadgold on 28/04/2023 at 10:00 am said:

    Thanks a lot, John, your good wishes mean a lot to me. I share your doubts about my preparedness, although over the last 12 months or more I’ve done little but study. Still, we’ll see, won’t we?

    You’re right to avoid meddling. However, democracy, and especially matters of democratic safeguards, transcend politics. I applaud your readiness to participate and look forward to hearing what you say.

    My first post on democracy is coming shortly.

  4. John Power on 18/05/2023 at 1:21 am said:

    Hi Richard,

    ’Glad to see that there’s ‘no censorship here’*. Long may this freedom continue!

    This video reports on some of the tyrannical censorship that is already happening in Britain, Ireland, Canada, France and other western so-called ‘democracies’ and probably heading for NZ at warp speed as I write. It’s nearly an hour long, but worth viewing by folks who have got an hour to spare and would like some news of what the neo-Marxist totalitarians in control of these countries are getting up to at the moment.
    *Re. your comment attached to Rickoshay’s here.

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