The shining climate crisis

Excerpted from Climate catastrophe? Follow the money ($),
by Amy Brooke in The Spectator of 1 April.

Because of the importance of the claim that CO2 has the potential to cause considerable damage to the planet we all share, it is little wonder that the media, knowing that peddling disaster sells newspapers, constantly invoke doomsday scenarios. But what happens when the mainstream media have become so corrupt that they want no debate at all about whether such claims are actually true?

What do you think of major media sources that flatly refuse what we actually need – to explore with serious investigative journalism this vitally important but contentious issue? Sadly, because of the intellectual laziness of so many of our MPs, our political parties have bought into this climate canard lock, stock and barrel.

Biggest scientific scam in human history

At all levels of our society now we are being taxed; new policies laid down; fossil fuels attacked as a major source of pollution; farmers’ livelihoods threatened; and first-class New Zealand farmland now being removed from food production. Sold to foreign buyers taking advantage of the carbon credits nonsense, they are being planted in more and more pine forests, not to be processed for up to 30 years. Their eventual removal will leave what was once prime land useless for crops and pasture. Given such important issues, wouldn’t you think that any media purporting to present to the public the important issues of the day would have enough integrity (given that so many top scientists with worldwide reputations have repudiated the global warming climate disaster scenario as a total scam) to ensure that both sides of this important debate are aired?

New Zealand’s own Dr Gerrit van der Lingen, for example, views with incredulity our scientifically illiterate politicians (not just the deluded and fanatical Greens and their coalition partners, but even the leader and deputy leader of the National party) endorsing the ridiculous claim that Cyclone Gabrielle, recently causing widespread devastation to the North Island, occurred as a result of CO2 emissions. Moreover, as he states, ‘The belief that human-related emissions of CO2 are causing dangerous global warming is the biggest scientific scam in human history.’ However, our mainstream media totally refuse to publish material from any of the thousands of well-qualified scientists rejecting the climate change dogma. The third-rate Stuff, the country’s largest news website, owning nine daily newspapers, determinedly refuses to allow any of these highly respected scientists to challenge the propaganda it publishes, pejoratively calling them ‘deniers’.

No wonder so many of our politicians are so under-informed and plain ignorant. But as Dr van der Lingen points out, this is by no means the case elsewhere. For example, in his own country of origin, the Netherlands, there are two political parties that openly challenge the climate change hysteria, ignored by the government spending billions of euros to solve a non-existent problem.

Global warming — global gold

Those questioning why the complete fabrication that 97 per cent of climate scientists agree that humans are causing climate change is being bruited might profitably begin thinking about that age-old question, Cui bono? Who stands to profit from the scaremongering – even culpably promoting it to brainwashed children in schools, contributing to their feelings of anxiety, and mental health issues?

Follow the Finances for Climate Boosterism ($) is a well-researched article in the Australian News Weekly, an excellent publication, that, together with The Spectator Australia, covers important issues which our now trashy media simply ignore. Both well deserve our support. The ANW’s author, David James, points out, ‘It is customary to assume that the principal actors in the climate change drama and the push for zero carbon are Green and left-wing politicians. They may be the public face, but are no longer the main force, as it is in fact being driven by much more powerful players in the financial markets and large corporations controlling the really big money, hundreds of trillions of dollars, seeing it as one of the best money-making opportunities they will ever have.’

Groups of managers are pushing the climate change agenda with Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s biggest fund manager, writing that climate change would be a defining factor in its investment assessments. The mechanism they use is called ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance, the seemingly harmless lever being used to push net-zero carbon. Companies which fail to meet his criteria regarding climate change could lead BlackRock to sell its holdings in that company.

James’s highly informative article notes that what is certain is that the climate change issue is no longer about the earth’s climate, if it ever was – or the science of understanding it – but about brutal matters of money and power.

Buying into this catastrophic scenario hugely disadvantages both Australia and New Zealand. It’s time to ask whether our media’s refusal to allow important questions to be raised indicates that they have their fingers in the till of this well-financed movement. One way or another, it is certainly a case of media corruption.

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3 Thoughts on “The shining climate crisis

  1. Rickoshay on 02/04/2023 at 10:46 am said:

    The ppl pushing global warming are the same ppl who pushed the vaxx, the bio weapon designed to cull humanity, for the same purpose, they are trying to kill us all and make us pay for it.

  2. John Power on 07/04/2023 at 1:04 pm said:

    “But what happens when the mainstream media have become so corrupt that they want no debate at all about whether such claims are actually true?”

    Worst case scenario: I think what happens then is that the mainstream media pour their own mental corruption into the minds of the people so that they can no longer think and perceive anything clearly and in this confused state of mind they lose control of themselves and become dysfunctional, thereby becoming unable to make any positive, constructive contributions to society and instead becoming social dependants and active sources of social chaos and disorder. When enough people have had their minds corrupted, blocked and degraded in this way, the whole society disintegates and collapses into anarchy and chaos. From there on its just a further downhill slide into utter barbarism and the death of civilization.

    Best case scenario: the people become heartily sick of having their minds manipulated and messed about with by the mainstream media and the diabolical political powers they are serving and refuse to have any more to do with them, realising that although this decision may cost them their lives at least they will die with their minds clean and intact, while continuing to tolerate what is being done to them will certainly lead to their deaths with their minds in tatters and their souls in torment anyway. When a clean death is the better option, what does one have to lose? And if enough people choose this option, the dark powers in control of the media would be disempowered and leave the scene free for people of goodwill to build a new civilization based on truthfulness, integrity, self-sovereignty and all other virtues.

  3. John Power on 18/04/2023 at 12:29 pm said:

    From the article (quoting David James):

    “….what is certain is that the climate change issue is no longer about the earth’s climate, if it ever was – or the science of understanding it – but about brutal matters of money and power.”

    And by corrupting the science in order to use it as an instrument of their overreaching ambition for the attainment of global money and power, the Mammon-worshippers who are driving this scam end up destroying not only the science but also the global wealth and power that they corrupted the science to attain! Oh, the irony!

    Meanwhile, those who do not worship at Mammon’s altar and have a true love of science in their hearts will be quickly rewarded for their faithfulness, because it is really quite easy to understand why there is no man-made climate-crisis today and why there never can be one or will be one in the foreseeable future, regardless of how much CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases humanity puts into the atmosphere. The key that unlocks the mystery is the planetary water-cycle – not water-vapour alone, nor clouds alone, but the whole water-cycle, which dominates and regulates the operation of the global climate system and sets the equilibrium value of the global energy-balance for every specific amount of energy-input coming from the Sun. (There is not time or space for me to describe this crucial physical principle of climate regulation here and now and I will have to leave it for interested readers to pursue at their leisure.)

    So, the elementary physics of the water-cycle assure us that if a climate crisis does occur, our GHG emissions can not have caused it and, conversely, removing some or all of our GHG-emissions from the atmosphere can have no effect on it either. The whole problem is a fabricated nightmare-fantasy that cannot be resolved by any actions we may take in the real world because it does not exist there. The only possible way of ending the nightmare is for the dreamers who are suffering from it to awaken from it. Real knowledge and understanding of the overall water-cycle on Earth can enable them to do that.

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