The beast is at the door

Choose your sex

Family First describes our obstinate socialist Government’s ambition to reconstruct our country by allowing changes to birth certificates (from the latest newsletter, paraphrased):

In a breathtaking act of ‘social engineering’—while most of the country is rightly focused on more important issues—the Government is prioritising a law change which will render birth certificates meaningless and advance its goal of identity politics and gender confusion.

In the proposed law, birth certificates will reflect the person’s own choice of sex (self-identification); a 16-17-year-old could change their gender on their birth certificate without parental consent (similar to the proposal on puberty blockers) and potentially without a doctor’s approval; a parent can choose whether they wish to appear on the child’s birth certificate as the child’s “mother”, “father” or just “parent”;  and there is no limit to the number of times you can change the gender on your birth certificate. Ironically, you can reapply to revert to the sex recorded at birth. (Perhaps the doctor or midwife got it right!)

And in what is now typical on any controversial social issue, the Select Committee have allowed the shortest time possible for you to have your say – 14 September. Just two weeks away.

Sorry, you’re too young to

  • join the military
  • own a firearm
  • drink, drive or vote


You can change your sex.

Before you’re allowed to vote

You can change your sex.

Your child can change its sex

And the Government will obediently change the child’s birth certificate. For ever.

This choice will have all the force of law

Even as a parent you will not be permitted to change your child’s choice of sex back to its real sex.

If you don’t speak to this destructive social experiment, you make an enduring statement. We need good men everywhere to grasp the sword of truth and speak, for the beast is at the door.

Read the excellent Family First summary of the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill and their views on why you should make a submission.
Make an online submission on the Bill (Government website).

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