Since 2004 we have explored the science of global warming, published it freely and exposed deceptions.

For five years we stood neutral on the hypothesis of dangerous man-made global warming, neither accepting it nor rejecting it, but we can do this no longer. The weight of evidence is against the IPCC and the warmsters, which means there’s no good reason to fleece our citizens to fight the weather.

The belief in man-made global warming stirs emotions akin to religious zealotry and questioning it can provoke scorn and hatred. At the CCG we strive to conduct discussions in an atmosphere of unperturbed but intense curiosity.

We conclude, as Vincent Gray told us, that global warming is what the earth does when it’s not cooling. It must be mostly natural, not man-made, since, though it seems reasonable to surmise that we have some effect on the climate, sign of a global human influence is so far undetected.

Carbon dioxide is vital to life, feeds plants and is entirely benign. The facts are that CO2 levels have been 17 times higher than today for many millions of years, yet run-away global warming has never occurred. It’s seems unlikely to start now; the late 20th-century warming was within normal limits. We know from laboratory tests that almost all the warming you could get from CO2 occurred decades ago and the only sign that warming will be dangerous in future comes from computer models whose predictions remain unverified.

Many of the facts we’ve unearthed and most of the topics we discuss won’t be found in the mainstream media, yet they ought to be widely known, because, from the description in the IPCC’s AR5 (2013), dangerous man-made global warming is impossible.

It’s difficult wading through the science, it’s tough keeping your head in the hothouse of activism and one must be especially careful to find trusted sources. So we aim to be a credible voice in the global warming wilderness. We bring a simple message: listen, find evidence and avoid conclusions slanted by bias.

We hope you enjoy our discussions and that perhaps you learn something from them and we learn something from you.

Richard Treadgold
Climate Conversation Group

August 2009 February 2019 November 2019



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T J McConnell

Hi Richard. I have been told of your group and your thoughts and opinions on what is happening on the planet at this time. Now I won’t beat about the bush and say that I am researching to make sense of why your group has such strong apprehensions to these events. ( I am trying to be polite here Richard) I would as a man with feet in both psychology and physics and regarded as reasonable intelligent to understand why you and your associates have taken on this monumental task of pushing water uphill against all that is now known and evidential on a daily basis. Now dont get me wrong I dont want to argue your point of view it’s just for my research I would be very interested in, not what you think but why are so so vehemently opposed to the point of views held by others and over 90% of scientists and academics. Would you mind if I ask how old your average subscribers are and their average I.Q. and scientific training. Its so I can get a certain amount of knowledge as to what gives your group such… Read more »


TJ McConnell.

“Would you mind if I ask how old your average subscribers are and their average I.Q. and scientific training.”

That to me shows you are nothing but a troll. How would Richard know this, and why would it matter.

Brett Keane

Hmmmm. TJMc writes like Simon under yet another guise. Brett

Dear Mr. Treadgold, I am an old Russian journalist and now I edit my own international network resource for environmental education ECO.ZNAY (Eco.Know) based in St.Petersburg, Russia (http://ecoznay.ru/). It exists already four years and covers diffrent environmental subjects for their better understanding by ordinary people. Since climate change became now a top social subject all over the world, several months ago I established a thematic supplement of the site called CLIMADROM (https://climadrom.ucoz.net) for more complete coverage of climate issues. I also hope to make it the popular international platform for unbiased debates of supporters of different views on the causes and consequences of climate change, which we all witness. Here would never be censorship and influence of taste and money. Freedom of thought and self-expression is the main value that we intend to keep and cherish most of all because it is lacking in the global information space, where the struggle of climate alarmists and climate skeptics thrives. I urged all participants in discussions for restraint, composure and discuss of purely scientific views, and not the personal qualities of their followers. In my opinion, only in this way can we all come closer… Read more »

RE Chamberlin

Above summary of climate knowledge seems to track well with what I have personally researched – so seems anyone with the desire to question claims could arrive at these same conclusions.