We explore the science behind global warming, free from dissimulation and rancour, and we publish it freely.

We can no longer stand neutral on global warming, since climate change is often accompanied by a belief as strong and fervent as that of any religious worshipper, so asking questions invokes scorn, even hatred. However, we do conduct discussions in a calm (if not neutral) atmosphere.

So if we’re not neutral, where do we stand? We conclude that warming is natural, not man-made, and carbon dioxide is vital to life; they are the facts. Specifically: CO2 has been far higher over many millions of years, but run-away global warming has never happened, so it’s hardly likely to start now; the late 20th century warming has been normal; the physics says that almost all the warming you can get from CO2 has already been achieved; and the only reason to think warming will be dangerously high in the future is computer models that don’t match the climate.

Some of the facts we’ve unearthed you won’t discover in the mainstream media, especially recent research results, and we want them known across the land. There’s much scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that casts doubt on the theory of dangerous man-made global warming.

But it’s difficult wading through the science, it’s tough keeping your head in the hothouse of argument and it’s especially difficult to know whom to trust. So we aim to be a credible voice in the global warming wilderness. We bring a simple message: listen, ask for evidence, trust reason and avoid conclusions not justified by facts.

We hold public meetings for discussion of global warming in a calm climate. Get in touch!

Richard Treadgold
Climate Conversation Group