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There are many things we’d like to know your thinking on, and they are all here at our Online Poll Centre. Some of the questions might cause you to go away and research them; this is excellent. We hope our questions are thought-provoking, so that whatever “side” of the climate “debate” you think you’re on, you get provoked into thinking about the question and not just reacting from habit. If you decide to do further research, that is no bad thing, for it will make you better informed.

It may have been Socrates who said: “I would rather be corrected, than continue in my ignorance.”

In many ways, the main climate-change question is: is it our fault? That’s because we’re being expected to “fix” it. We ask your opinion of that in the “sckscksck” poll, which is our riposte to the “tcktcktck” campaign from the ecomentalists, the one that got us riled up but that failed in Copenhagen.

We call Greenpeace and others the ecomentalists to distinguish them from the proper and benign environmentalists, who are genuinely intelligent and practical about looking after the world around us. Ecomentalists are extremists who want to destroy the modern human way of life, or send it so far back into the past it might as well be destroyed, so that “nature” can carry on happily without us, as it should — as is only natural.

Ecomentalists happily promote a natural way of life for everybody, and especially for third-world people, those still in mud huts and burning dung for cooking, who desperately want access to the same levels of electricity and running water that we enjoy. Ecomentalists promote the old way of life so steadfastly that they refuse to allow native people access to “high-carbon” fuels in any serious quantities.

We’ll add new questions as they occur to us. They’ll probably be related to climate in some way, but we won’t guarantee it, since we like to have fun, too.

So choose a question from the list below and let us know what your opinion is. By all means write your comments on the polls too, and tell us you disagree with them or they’re too hard, they’re stupid, old hat, obscure, etc. You can address your comments to the Climate Conversation Group, me personally, the government, a favourite band, the UN or life itself.

Feel free to express yourself thoroughly (although any badness will be removed). Of course, check back here for new polls.

Online polls

sckscksck – Is the earth warming dangerously from human activities?

Your view of CO2 – Does CO2 dominate the climate?

Collective noun for icebergs – What’s the best collective noun for icebergs?


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