National’s incompetence, identity politics, faulty buildings

John Scarry, a structural engineer and member of the Free New Zealand think tank, wrote this today as a contribution to a discussion of the political philosophy through which Labour views the country and its problems. It seemed good enough to me to publish, and John was good enough to let me. It’s being published here because the Free NZ website is under construction.

Identity politics

Collapse of Hard Rock Hotel, New Orleans, in October, 2019 (click to enlarge).

1. I am completely opposed to identity politics, and it is, in large part, National’s wilting before and partial surrender to identity and woke politics that has got them into their current bad polling position and is keeping them there.

2. There may be many factors (including indoctrination at school and through the media) that have so many people in awe of the likes of Ardern and Shaw, but the main factor is that these people have never been properly exposed to sound, rational and consistent counter-arguments.

3. Ardern is pathetic under pressure, but she is never subjected to real pressure. She is given a complete pass on every artificial crisis she creates for her own political benefit and to enable her to implement her dystopian plan or, more correctly, the dystopian plan that she supports. The most disappointing current example of this is Chris Bishop as the National spokesman on COVID-19. If nothing else, masks do not work – that is the undisputed science, from multiple studies over many years. Yet Ardern is allowed to impose them in order to “keep up the scare” and to enforce obedience, unopposed.

If a genie gave Ardern an infinite number of wishes, she would not dream of wishing for a different Opposition from the one that National currently presents.

Climate Fraud

4. Take the Climate Fraud, for example. Apparently, half the National caucus know it’s a sham, and half have drunk the Kool Aid. Except on this massively costly and destructive fraud, those who have drunk the Kool Aid have not been forced to front up to justify their position and win the ‘science’ debate upon which the ‘climate emergency’ stands or falls.

5. In 2018 I arranged a meeting of several engineers with the then Minister of Building and Construction, Jenny Salesa, to ask her to address on-going major problems in the industry. One of the engineers was a Maori woman who had gone to university as a mature student. This lady was an excellent student, impressing the best faculty member, and displayed excellent technical and ethical standards after she graduated. I invited her along based on her competence and her character, not her race and gender.

Real problems in construction industry

Unfortunately, at the meeting, Jenny Salesa’s only interest (her face lit up and she was fully engaged) was with this lady, because she was a woman and Maori. The crucial and nationally important issues being raised were of no interest to the Minister at all. When Salesa proceeded to do nothing to address these issues, some of those at the meeting wrote to Ardern, who fobbed us off. Then after the last election, Salesa was fired because of her complete failure to perform, only to be replaced by another woman who seems to be into identity politics too, and clearly has little interest if any in the real problems of the Building and Construction industry.

The public is concerned about the widespread defective construction that goes on, as evidenced by the reaction to the documentary A Living Hell earlier this year, but National made none of this during the last election, because it was deemed there were no votes in it! Well, that was a successful strategy, wasn’t it?

6. Identity politics, the Climate Fraud and the grossly exaggerated ‘COVID emergency’ are the playing fields where Ardern is comfortable and most effective. It is to her as the briar patch was to Br’er Rabbit.

Let the enemy teach your children?

National can cause her briar patch to wither only by ignoring it and concentrating on matters of real substance that people are still concerned with. But they need these issues and solutions presented to them with conviction and belief in a sound and competent manner, again and again and again.

7. As far as indoctrination through education goes, National had years in government to address this and they did nothing. As Malcolm X used to say, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.”

John Scarry

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29 Thoughts on “National’s incompetence, identity politics, faulty buildings

  1. “The plan she supports” if you call a fake vaccine Kill-shot a plan, nobody ever asks why covid deaths in 80 percent plus vacced country’s suddenly start spiking.
    Or country’s like Cambodia which had no covid cases till they started vaccing, then suddenly covid spikes, yeah right, the vac is a bio weapon created bye a megalomaniac for global depopulation, his words not mine.
    Our pollies are all guilty of crimes against humanity, all complicit in this attempted implementation of an un elected one world government in the ”The Chinese model” their words not mine.
    The revolution is not being televised, but it is underway, fight for your freedoms and civil rights or lose them, its that simple.
    Fight for your life even if you dont beleave in freedom.

  2. Esra Dral on 21/09/2021 at 10:11 am said:

    New Zealand government announces radical plan to stamp out man flu.
    The government has announced that it will go hard and go early on a strategy to eliminate man flu in New Zealand. Government science advisor and media darling Dr Apache Homely said that it was an important step as man flu is a debilitating condition known to affect almost 95% of male office workers and a massive 28% of blue collar workers. As such, making 24/7 mask wearing mandatory for all males must be seen as as crucial step to eliminating this condition, especially given its devastating impact on productivity and the economy. All women are urged to do their part and make certain the males in their life wear masks at all times and to report any non mask wearing males to the authorities. Wearing a mask and eating at the same time will be difficult, but this is no excuse for rule breaking. Obviously, this strategy means that all males cannot be allowed out in public on their own and must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult female. They are not allowed in to bars, restaurants or other public places. All cinemas will only be allowed to screen chick flicks to discourage any males trying to sneak in and on line computer games will be restricted to match 3 games, colouring games, make up and dress up games. However, males under the age of 5 are exempt from mask wearing. There was some indication that an exemption was being considered for all males with a mental age of 12 or less, but this idea was dropped as most women interviewed considered their men to have a mental age of around 10 or just a little below the average border collie. Dr Homely stressed that there was much more researched needed as current observations showed that man flu conditions get significantly worse in the presence of wives or girlfriends, but almost completely disappear when the man is in close proximity to an Au Pair or nanny. This healing affect appears to increase when the Au Pair or nanny in question is attractive and under 25, so there is clearly some kind of miraculous boost to the male immune system associated with these people. Dr Homely suggested that it may be a chemical messenger, similar to pheromones, but that this effect needs to be isolated and studied as it could provide the cure for many diseases and conditions from Covid through to erectile dysfunction. The Prime Minister stressed that this was not an attack on male freedoms, but a well thought out strategy to make New Zealand better for everybody.
    Mandatory male mask wearing comes in to force at 11.59pm on Wednesday.

  3. Ian Smith on 22/09/2021 at 1:12 am said:

    John Scarry: “masks do not work – that is the undisputed science, from multiple studies over many years.”

    Completely contrary to common sense and everyday experience.

    John Scarry: “4. Take the Climate Fraud, for example.”

    You are a nutter.

    • Rickoshay on 22/09/2021 at 12:16 pm said:

      So far Ian everything you have writin points too you being the brain washed bag of nuts, maybe if you stopped qouting the team of 55 million and did some auctaul research with a open mind you might learn sum real facts, p.s. leave the conspiracy shit to me im better at it.
      Love Ricko

  4. Esra Dral on 23/09/2021 at 1:17 pm said:

    Undeniable signs of climate change.
    Yesterday afternoon, the UN leader told us that we are on the edge of a climate abyss. After it had taken mankind’s best efforts for over a century to raise global temperatures by around 1.5 degrees c, nature has already managed to wipe out 0.53 degrees c of this warming since the El Nino of February 2016. That is over one third of the warming gone in just over 5 years. If this trend continues, then all the hard work of alarming, and in some cases, absolutely terrifying the people, fleecing them of billions of dollars for no good reason, will be wasted and our ride on the gravy train will all be over in less than 11 years. He went on to say that this cannot be allowed and we really only have 10 years left to save our sorry asses and prevent us falling in to this abyss of irrelevance, a total loss of credibility and our well paid but meaningless jobs, oops, sorry, I meant 10 years to save the world.

    “NOAA have done their best by declaring July 2021 as the warmest month ever recorded. But NASA, you really do have to get your act together. By publishing your satellite data showing July 2021 as a good 0.5 degrees c cooler than February 2016, you have managed to undo all NOAA’s good work. Telling the truth will just not do, especially if it does not support the narrative. Ladies, gentlemen and all others of a non specific gender, we have to pull together on this or we risk loosing the UNIPCC altogether. We all know what that means for funding and the annual climate piss up, where we all jet off to different parts of the world at someone else’s expense, creating a carbon footprint bigger than the annual contribution of most small African nations.”

    “With global temperatures in free fall, we must add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as quickly as possible. In addition to this years conferences in New York and Glasgow, I am declaring climate emergency meetings in the Seychelles, really lovely at this time of year, the Maldives and Hawaii. Meantime, we are declaring the volcano in Spain and the earthquake in Melbourne as undeniable signs of climate change. The science is irrefutable. Climate change has decimated the coffee bean harvest in Brazil. This has caused a spike in coffee prices around the world. This has, in turn, caused a significant upset of people in Melbourne, well known for its great coffee. The number of people stamping their feet and throwing tantrums in protest at coffee prices caused the earthquake and therefore it is as a direct result of climate change. As for the volcano in Spain, this has been shown to be caused by the melting ice in the Arctic and therefore, again, the result of climate change.”

    “I will wrap up this conference by saying, climate change is the biggest gravy train we have ever had, ooops, sorry, the biggest existential threat we have ever faced. Do not loose sight of the billions of dollars. Right, I’m off for a piss up. Who is going to join me? First round on me. Free drinks all night for anyone who gets Joe to remember where he is and free drinks for life if you can get him to string together 2 coherent sentences. Prompts are allowed. And someone please stop Boris chatting up the waitress.”

  5. Esra Dral on 24/09/2021 at 11:31 am said:

    U.N. advocates complete authoritarian control, censorship and closing down free speech.


    U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. “Now is the time to end the ‘infodemic’ plaguing our world by defending a common, empirically backed consensus around facts, science, and knowledge,” he wrote. “The ‘war on science’ must end. All policy and budget decisions should be backed by science and expertise, and I am calling for a global code of conduct that promotes integrity in public information.”
    “While vigorously defending the right to freedom of expression everywhere, we must equally encourage societies to develop a common, empirically backed consensus on the public good of facts, science, and knowledge.” Guterres wrote. “A global code of conduct that promotes integrity in public information could be explored together with States, media outlets, and regulatory bodies, facilitated by the United Nations. With recent concerns about trust and mistrust linked to technology and the digital space, it is also time to understand, better regulate, and manage our digital communications as a global public good.”

    In other words, the UN and all member states will establish an information monopoly that will only allow their version of “science and facts” and if past performance is anything to go by, their version of “science and facts” will be far removed from the truth in support of their political agenda. Any dissenting voices will be suppressed and I assume this will also include a ban on publication of any scientific papers that do not support the narrative. This will result in a complete closing down of all climate related scientific research that does not meet with UN approval. What Guterres is proposing is a modern day return to what amounts to a scientific dark age. If people like Guterres had been in charge, we would still believe in a flat Earth at the centre of the universe. This is the most anti – science statement I have heard in a long time and smacks of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Make the most of web sites such as this one. If Guterres gets his way, sites like this will be closed down.

    • Rickoshay on 24/09/2021 at 12:52 pm said:

      Correct completely Esra, The war on mankind begins, they the U.N. are completely committed to genocide and depopulation as evidenced by the Kill Shot being forcibly rolled out , to be closely followed by currency collapse and economic ruin for the masses.
      This is a Crime against Humanity, any JP or judge can institute proceedings, there is no diplomatic immunity from their actions.
      Remember their words “You will own nothing and be happy” or else.
      Fuci makes Josef Mengele look like an amateur.
      Come on people we have seen this bullshit before, some Rich CS has been reading the Nazi Playbook before bed time and wants to play Emperor of the world.
      The MSM are complicate and they are parroting the same B.S. as the brought and paid for Pollies.
      I say Go the “Tradies” wheres me yellow vest gone? Its time to fight back hard.

  6. Ross on 24/09/2021 at 2:01 pm said:

    I see Ardern is ramping up her blaming and shaming campaign against so called ” anti vaxers “. Totally toxic and hypercritical from the be kind team of 5 million leader. Our media is not only missing in action but running in the opposite direction, cowards.

  7. Esra Dral on 24/09/2021 at 4:04 pm said:

    Hi Ross,
    Yup, this is complete bollocks of the highest order. The bodies immune system has evolved to recognize and tackle the complete virus. A number of years ago I supplied materials for research in to HIV. What researches had discovered was that the immunoglobulin (Ig) molecules, in particular IgG, that the body produces as an immune response, are actually bigger than HIV and it was thought that the reason why HIV was so difficult for the body to deal with, in part, was stereoscopic hinderance of IgG. The idea was to immobilize IgG on a microporous substrate in a particular orientation and then use enzymes to cut the molecule at the point in the chain where the researchers though the most active areas would be to combat HIV. It didn’t work, but it produced a whole load of new information about viruses and the human immune system. The problems with Covid 19 probably started when researchers found differences in the immune response. If the immune system attacked the nucleocapsid (the envelope containing the viral RNA) then that patient didn’t do very well long term. However, if the immune system attacked the spike protein, then that patient appeared to do much better. Thus, the rush to produce a vaccine based only on the spike protein. My problem is, that this is not the whole virus and, whilst attacking this protein appears to produce much better outcomes, it is the recognition of the whole virus that will illicit a full and long lasting immune response. The other point is that, if you insist on going down this path, why not just inject the actual spike protein. It is far less troublesome to make, way more stable, easier and less costly to move around as it doesn’t need – 80 c storage. It makes no sense to go down this mRNA route. Buggerising around with the bodies protein metabolism is really not clever. The spike protein is also cytotoxic. It was always thought that all of the 14 polymerase enzymes that we have in the cell nucleus could only write DNA to DNA, or DNA to RNA. It was only discovered in June this year that one of these enzymes is actually a reverse transcriptase and can write RNA to DNA, something thought to be impossible until only a few months ago. What else don’t we know?
    There is something wrong with this fixation on the Pfizer vaccine. It doesn’t work in that its effectiveness is almost completely gone after 6 months. There are much better alternatives out there, yet they are being ignored or, worse still, subject to smear campaigns, whilst the Pfizer vaccine gets a free pass in spite of literally thousands of vaccine related deaths. The misinformation campaign trashes the alternatives and paints Pfizer as the universal savior. There is something very wrong about all this.

  8. Esra Dral on 25/09/2021 at 10:28 am said:

    Hi Ricko,
    At the moment I think it would be very hard to argue against your statement. The long term effects of the Pfizer vaccine are just not known at all. Whilst the mRNA molecule is supposed to break down in a very short time (around 72 hrs) I have heard, as yet unconfirmed reports, that is was still detectable in cases up to 2 weeks later. Without going in to too much detail, there is an issue with the make up of mRNA. If it was made up from the same base pairs as DNA i.e. adenine and thymine, guanine and cytosine, it would be way too stable and not breakdown. This is why the body substitutes thymine with uracil in mRNA, so it breaks down quickly once it has done its job. The problem in making the mRNA injection is stopping the molecule breaking down before it gets to the ribosomes, where it does its job. So Pfizer have to make it more stable, particular as there is some evidence that uracil in the wrong place can cause quite a bad allergic response in some people. So Pfizer has coat the whole thing in a lipid based carrier to prevent premature breakdown. This may actually cause the mRNA to hang around longer than intended. There is also the leaky vaccine issue and this “vaccine” may be driving the mutations. They should have stuck to viagra!!! Oh, sorry, the patent ran out so they need another cash cow. Looks like they found it.

  9. Ian Smith on 25/09/2021 at 7:41 pm said:

    Manmade global warming is a fact and man is disrupting the climate civilisation developed in. Scientists working and publishing in the field no longer debate the fundamental truth: more CO2 = more warming.

    Here is a list of articles that explain the science:

    For quick takeaways, try these:

    Climate Change News,
    Gizmodo, and
    The Atlantic.
    There is very minimal overlap among these short lists, so it’s worth reading them all.

    For deeper dives, read these excellent, thorough articles by the Washington Post’s Brady Dennis and Sarah Kaplan and by the staff at Carbon Brief.

    All the major climate news venues and their stellar climate journalists wrote very good overview stories. See:

    Bob Henson (who focuses on different paths outlined in the report), at Yale Climate Connections,
    Bob Berwyn, at Inside Climate News,
    Umair Irfan and Rebecca Leber, at Vox, and
    Matt Simon (who offers lots of graphics), at Wired.
    To hear directly from top lead authors/scientists, read Robert Kopp in The Conversation (“What the warnings mean”) and Ben Santer in The Hill (“How IPCC went from ‘not proven’ that we cause climate change in 1990 to ‘we are guilty’ in 2021”).

  10. Esra Dral on 27/09/2021 at 7:23 am said:

    When this Covid epidemic started, back in late 2019, the University of California San Francisco announced they had, not so much a cure, but a method of stopping and containing the virus until it dies out. They had been investigating the immune system of camelids and had come up with what they termed as AeroNabs. Whilst it would not kill the virus, the idea was that the AeroNab molecule would attach itself to the ace 2 binding site on the end of the virus spike protein. This would block the ability of the virus to attach itself to any cell, effectively rendering it inactive. The product is easy to make using yeast or bacteria and can be shipped around the world as a very stable powder. Once at the point of use, it can easily be turned in to an inhaler and sold over the counter if allowed. The solution is well researched, simple, cost effective and it works. So why are we messing around with an ineffective mRNA option? Why are Pfizers half year profits up by $3billion?

  11. Rickoshay on 27/09/2021 at 8:49 pm said:
    All these so–called vaccines” are patented and therefore their actual content is kept secret even to the buyers, who, of course, are using taxpayers’ money. So, consumers (taxpayers) have no information about what they are receiving in their bodies by inoculation. Humanity is kept in the dark as far as the nanoparticulate technological processes involved are concerning, on the negative effects on the cells of the body, but mostly on the possible magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic nano–bio-interaction effect on the blood and body cells.”
    One of the key propaganda pieces and buzzphrases through this plandemic has been to trust the science. Of course, when NWO (New World Order) mouthpieces say that, they mean they want you to trust their science, not objective science. Dr. Young’s science is first class, and the results are devastating for Big Pharma, governments and all those pushing the agenda. This shines more light on the darkness of Operation Coronavirus. Informed consent is the basis of medical freedom. Please share this information far and wide so people can actually know what they may be putting in their bodies if they so choose.
    The MOST INSIDIOUS “medical” methods being used right now for sickening, torturing and killing people who catch “Covid”
    The cdc just stated that covid jabs are causing the variants

  12. Rickoshay on 27/09/2021 at 10:32 pm said:

    But wait there’s more, even further down the Rabbit hole “Alice”
    There where deaths in America and Italy even before China, the plot thickens like bad gravy, apparently the PLAN is covid passports morf into Carbon passports with a carbon allowance each, i wonder if that includes breathing?
    The climate crisis becomes the Covid crisis becomes the Climate Panic again, On and On it goes where it stops no one knows.
    Time for a quote “If you want a picture of the future, Imagine a boot stamping on a human face –forever”
    George Orwell

  13. Rickoshay on 27/09/2021 at 10:59 pm said:

    Honestly you cant make this shit up,
    New Normal police are intimidating people in their homes because they are “suspected of planning to protest” the new official ideology … but, go ahead, scold us for calling the NewNormal “totalitarian.”
    Tell me the Orwell reference is inappropriate

  14. Peter Fraser on 29/09/2021 at 10:54 pm said:

    I fear we may be too late. When I was young the marches were about Vietnam War. The young in NZ do not understand. Corona together with climate change hype is the beginning of the new world order. A geriatric POTUS, controlled by unknown, a complicit MSM and two bogey men and a defunct opposition here in New Zealand allows the political process to proceed. A bit of softening up by police enforced compliance is just the warm up.God help us.

  15. Rickoshay on 01/10/2021 at 12:17 pm said:
    More than 3,000 doctors agree: Fauci and other covid policymakers have committed “crimes against humanity”
    Fight against censorship, fight against Crimes against humanity, fight fight fight

  16. Brett Keane on 02/11/2021 at 8:46 pm said:

    Peter, the Vietnam war was the last big push by Soviet communism made unnnecessary and cancelled by Nixon because it helped the fragile Soviet economy to collapse. We encouraged Mao to fight Moscow and no longer needed to risk ourselves. From an ex Kiwi Infantry Squaddie who did not then have to fight. Thankyou Keith Holyoake……. Reagan finished the job with techonology eg Star Wars.

    But now the Marxists are marching again…… like Ian Smith, quite expendable. Brett Keane, Ruawai

  17. Esra Dral on 21/11/2021 at 11:30 am said:

    This is a link to a paper published in The British Medical Journal a couple of weeks ago,
    It points out some of the shoddy practices at Ventavia, the clinical research company contracted to Pfizer to carry out their vaccine trials. Very interesting. Please also note that the FDA in the US where asked to provide the safety data for the Pfizer vaccine under the Freedom Of Information Act. The FDA was taken to court by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, including doctors from the USA, UK and Denmark. As a result, the FDA has stated that it will take 55 years to release all the relevant safety data as it spans some 329,000 pages and they are only prepared to release 500 pages per month. This begs a number of questions. This amount of safety data is significant, to say the least. It probably includes data going back to the early development work of mRNA vaccines almost 20 years ago. This will be pointed out by the vaccine supporters. However, to accumulate this amount of data specifically for the Cominarty vaccine in the time available, would take far more than just the resources of Pfizer and Ventavia, even taking in to account Ventavia’s dodgy practices. I suspect much of the content of these 329,000 pages contains irrelevant information, fillers, obfuscation and inveiglement (gotta love Fox Mulder) all designed to bury real data under a mountain of camouflage. I don’t think I’ll be hanging around in another 55 years to finally find out. But that may be the object of the exercise. It also has to be asked, how would the FDA have reviewed all this information in such a short time in the first place particularly when their combined resources will take 55 years to make it all public. A real WTF moment.

  18. When the vaccine finally arrived late last year the “goal” was to vaccinate at least 70% of any population , a high rate for any vaccination. But after 6 months of 100s of millions of vaccinations, a horror set in for the vaccine “pushers” , the vaccines didn’t work anywhere near as well as claimed . And in fact you were just as likely to catch “COVID” vaccinated or unvaccinated and it appears as though the vaccinated become spreaders of covid . All this made Foulchi and the Big Pharma panic ! Foulchi then had to do another 180 , one of about half a dozen he has already done and started advising of more lockdowns (which don’t work) masking everywhere (which does not work ) continue social distancing except if you are sophisticated and vaccinated ………etc .
    But now a 70% vaccination figure is apparently not adequate , 90- 100% is now required and mandating with violence is the ONLY way that will happen . So why suddenly 90- 100% requirement ? Remember, most of these Vaccines are experimental and still under trial and testing and only have permission for emergency use . And who are the the tester’s ? The whole population of the earth ! A drug trial usually has 2 groups , in this case a fully vaccinated group and an unvaccinated group and a time period of testing , in this case 2 years apparently ?
    But what has happened in this “Trial” . The vaccines’ efficacy is very poor , the side effects are horrendous in volume and severity including multiple deaths as reported on the CDC side affects website . So what they are doing now ,to hide all these bad side affects and the lack of efficacy is to eliminate the control group who would have been the 20% odd who did not get vaccinated hence the demand for 100% compliance . If they get to 100% there is nothing to compare with , all negativity disappears into the noise !
    And why are alternative treatments for covid , of which there are many , why are these disallowed by the Medical Community , the MSM ,Twitter , Facebook , Youtube and even the Government ? They work , the proof is out there and many countries and individuals have and are using them such as the wide spread use of Ivermectin in India which has had large success !

    “Just three weeks after adding Ivermectin, Delhi now leads India out of the deadly second surge of the COVID pandemic. Cases that had peaked at 28,395 on April 20 plummeted nearly 80% to just 6,430 on May 15. Deaths peaked May 4, and now they are also down 25%.
    “Three other Indian states have followed Goa’s lead in adding Ivermectin: Uttarkhand, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. And, as expected, they have seen a drop in new daily cases as well, with Uttar Pradesh down nearly 75% from a peak of 37,944 just four days after they began following the April 20 AIIMS guidance to just 10,505 on May 16. ”

    The reason they are not allowed is because all these vaccines are “EXPERIMENTAL” and not FDA approved and are only allowed to be used if there is no alternative , well there are many alternatives . Many of the alternatives are well known and have been used for many years for various medical and parasitic use .
    On page 6 of the “Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines to Prevent COVID-19 Guidance for Industry” paper

    Based on this declaration and determination, FDA may issue an EUA (Emergency Use ) after FDA has determined that the following statutory requirements are met:

    The number 4 requirement is :

    “There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.”
    If this becomes false then Emergency Permission for the vaccine is removed . Keep an eye on the FDA and see if they approve them for general use , the pressure is on ! Remember it takes at least 2-3 years to get approval for a vaccine and can take 5 years !
    An Israeli reporter from News Israel 13 interviewed Dr. Kobi Haviv, who is the director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.
    She began by saying, “I understand that most of the patients are vaccinated, even ‘severe’ patients.”
    Dr. Haviv responds with, “Exactly. Naturally occurring. Old people, most of them are vaccinated. Most of the population is vaccinated, and 85-90% of the hospitalizations here are fully vaccinated people.”

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