Global warming facts to calm your sobbing children

A list of facts to remove children’s terror of global warming from Andrew Bolt, of the Herald Sun, Melbourne. He says it won’t kill you and we must fight the hysteria that follows Greta Thunberg’s breakdown at the United Nations. Easy to print out — distribute wildly widely.

No, global warming won’t kill you

Are you terrified by claims that global warming is an “existential threat”? That there will be a “great winnowing” and “mass deaths”? That we face “the collapse of our civilisations”? They are scare stories, don’t believe them. You are told to believe “the science” — well, here is some science you should believe — solid scientific facts that tell you global warming scares are empty. [NOTE: I’ve added mention of global, England and NZ temperatures. – RT]

Calm yourself — you are not in danger

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