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All my posts have comment sections underneath, but if those aren’t relevant to what you have to say, feel free to get in touch by posting something in the comments section below. If you include your email address I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll respond here.

I welcome suggestions for posts, comments on current events, interesting news, complaints and anything illuminating. If I like it enough, I’ll turn your comment into a post (you could be world-famous in New Zealand).


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I would like to make contact with Terry, please. I am a National Party member as he is and heard in on Leighton Smith’s Podcast. Would he please email me?

Kind regards

Brian Wilson

I don’t know if you have caught up with the work of Michael and Ronan Connolly, a father and son research team from Ireland. They have spent the last 5 years analyzing data from American weather balloons. The result is that they have shown that the atmosphere does indeed behave like an ideal gas and is not just in local thermodynamic equilibrium as previously thought, but is in actual thermodynamic equilibrium, at least up to the altitude where the weather balloons fail. If we then reference Einstein’s 1919 paper where he states that if a photon of infra red energy comes up from the surface of the earth and contacts a molecule of greenhouse gas, whether it be water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane etc, there will be warming, but only if that gas is NOT an ideal gas and NOT in thermodynamic equilibrium. The Connollys were due to present their paper at a university (as yet unnamed probably for legal reasons) but had to cancel when they were threatened with violence if they turned up. If these guys are correct, it is pretty much game over for climate change narrative. Again –… Read more »

#Methane the real killer! Have you had enough of #atmosphericmethane destroying our earth and causing 25% of the earth’s increase in temperature? For more go to

Debunking the Narrative with Prof Dolores Cahill, on youtube.

Well, I found it and wrote it down, it wouldn’t copy and paste.

Sorry Richard,
I tried to reply, nut no reply. Now I’m still trying to work out how to get the link from bookmarks to this space. Honestly, I can do most basics, on iPad, but anything out of the ordinary drives me absolutely up the wall, sorry. It’s on youtube.

I’ll see if I can work it out