How to lose the trench you dig

New Zealand’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions can be likened to digging a trench (to dispose of carbon dioxide emissions) while others follow behind filling it in (making our sacrifice futile). But it’s a crucial international project, so we will assign a platoon, fifty of our best men, to dig this. We want to lead the world with a 500-metre trench, with good men keen to toil until it’s done, and they set to work.

The Chinese demagogue clicks his fingers and amasses six battalions, over 6200 men, to refill our trench faster than our valiant platoon can dig it — they overtake us in hours and create a fine 62,500-metre carbon dioxide trench within a few months.

These troops and trenches are in the same proportion as our two nation’s annual emissions. China’s 10,000 million tons of Carbon Dioxide-equivalent versus New Zealand’s 80 million tons are 125:1. Our sacrifice cannot make a jot of difference to the whole world.

Clearly, the one-sided contest is pointless, and we should immediately abandon it. The Greens, true to form, respond with ludicrous bickering over the price our platoon should pay for their shovels.

Do I need to add that the idea is virtue-signalling ignorance? To reiterate what we’ve been demanding for 15 years:



If Labour does that, we could discuss whether the trouble and ruinous expense might not be pointless.

It’s incredible to reflect that after more than 15 years nobody anywhere has shown evidence of a problem beyond weeping and gnashing of teeth. Nor has anyone demonstrated a crisis, beyond shrill teenagers whining at adults who cannot say no.

If you disagree, leave a comment below. I your mind is blank, here’s a basic question to get you started: What elements of global weather show a departure from natural variability within the last hundred and fifty years? For only that might define a crisis.

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11 Thoughts on “How to lose the trench you dig

  1. Rickoshay on 12/05/2023 at 11:34 am said:

    What elements of global weather show a departure from natural variability within the last hundred and fifty years?
    Yeah my comment would be a gradual increase in global temps as we have pause from little ice age conditions, which seems to be gathering for another go again, northern hemi is up again on snow cover, Buford gyre set to release cold water into the Atlantic, Antarctic setting all time cold records, 3 years of La Nina, id say we are in for an extended cold period, but the alarming thing is the decrease in our electric field strength.

  2. Tricky Dicky on 13/05/2023 at 2:26 pm said:

    Hi Rickoshay,

    You have probably had a look at the link below

    It is an animation of the growing South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly from 2015 to 2020. Very interesting. It is my understanding that the changes are accelerating and whilst this animation only concentrates on the SAMA, it is also telling in this map when you look at the positions of the north and south magnetic poles. Previously researchers thought the fall in magnetic field strength was around 5% per century. However, it now seems to be updated to 5% per decade and accelerating. You can also go to NASA and read the biggest load of vacuous bollocks about magnetic fields and how they cannot affect climate change. These guys rally are bottom feeders. The one thing that is certain is that we are in for a very bumpy ride and man made climate change will seem a mere bagatelle.

  3. Tricky Dicky on 14/05/2023 at 10:21 am said:

    The on going pole shift and weakening magnetic field affects a number of aspects of life on Earth.
    – Migrating animals and insects. Their magnetic compasses are messed up and we are likely to see more mass stranding of whale, turtles etc.
    – Breeding cycles of animals and insects are badly affected.
    – Latest publication in Science Advances on how the changing electromagnetic fields disrupt honeybee pollination.
    – Adverse effects on cognition and decision making due to increased galactic cosmic ray exposure – has been researched for deep space missions showing increased exposure really messes with your head. Well, we are in for increased exposure here on Earth.
    – Adverse cardiac/pulmonary effects – emerging science.
    – Increase in the impact of solar storms. Smaller storms will have disruptive effects on electrical infrastructure, radio, satellites etc. The SAMA has been dubbed a spacecraft killer as satellites have already been lost to the increased radiation that this anomaly is letting in.
    Naturally, the “scientists” and lame stream media will find ways to blame all this on climate change.

  4. Rickoshay on 15/05/2023 at 12:32 pm said:

    yeah i get it TD, but most folks are still under the impression the globe is warming lol and all they have to do is stop driving cars and eating meat, this is the big lie, a distraction at most, personally im of the opinion that we shall see a return to low solar activity and a Carrington type event before too much longer, the e grid will be destroyed and then we will be in a new dark age, i don’t pretend to see what will happen when the mag shield fails or flips but im aware of the possibility’s

  5. Tricky Dicky on 16/05/2023 at 9:22 am said:

    Hi Rickoshay. Yup, I am familiar with Ben’s work. Our magnetic field strength is 20 to 25% lower than it was during the Carrington event, which means that a smaller CME could have the same impact. Even the UK parliament select science committee has recognized the potential damage a CME will do and has estimated that some places will be without power for as long as a year. I think they are being over optimistic because, as you suggest, the power grid will not be disrupted, it will be destroyed. But at least they are prepared to concede that it is probably when, not if. It would be a very long and incredibly depressing post if I were to go into what I think will happen in the aftermath, but it won’t be a pretty picture. As for most folk, we have recently been through a modern solar maximum, that probably ended with solar cycle 23, which finished in 2008. Together with the fall in magnetic field strength, this resulted in a significant increase in energy input to the Earth’s climate system. Yet the lame stream media, where the majority of the cerebrally challenged get their information, rely on so called experts such as the clowns at NASA who say this cannot possibly happen because the atmosphere is not made of iron. And I have had this bollocks spouted back at me by some otherwise reasonably intelligent people, such is the all pervasive media narrative. Bad weather in New Zealand must be caused by climate change, or an object lesson in how to conflate local weather with global climate. 4 record cold winters in a row in Alaska – just local weather, move on, nothing to see here, global climate change is happening in the rest of the world so just ignore this.

  6. Rickoshay on 16/05/2023 at 10:05 am said:

    Yup, don’t forget the recent volcanic activity in Tonga, what goes up must come down, heaps of water vapor chucked into the upper atmosphere has gotta go somewhere. But of course the msm needs a scapegoat so it’s all about “climate change” as if the climate isn’t constantly changing, see that they no longer mention man made global warming lol, narrative change anyone? No, it’s all about the money and FA to do with the climate.

    I no longer watch news channels, to me it’s all a buncha lies and propaganda.

    We are not alone and our world view is similar, I admire your well-written style of communication and encourage you to get the info out there. But take precautions with your internet safety, others are watching from both sides of this coin and some are not friendly.

    No censorship here, friends, you’re free!

    • Tricky Dicky on 16/05/2023 at 1:40 pm said:

      Hi Rickoshay,

      Thanks for the complement. I appreciate it. I always look forward to your posts as they always get me thinking and I enjoy a good, healthy debate. As a scientist and having worked in various fields for the last 40 years, I am increasingly disillusioned with modern science and the political interference. Before we even get to a Carrington event, scientifically we are already living in the dark ages. Anyone who sticks their head above the parapets and disagrees with the mainstream narrative is ridiculed, shutdown, de-platformed and subject to character assassination that the Spanish Inquisition would have been proud of.
      – Climate change. I have been told, in no uncertain terms, that if I want to keep my contracts with various universities, I have to toe the climate change line. Fortunately I am going to retire in a couple of years and then I will really let them have both barrels.
      – Covid. To paraphrase Disraeli (or whom ever actually really said it) there are lies, damned lies and Covid 19. We were right royally shafted and now the authorities are doing their best to make certain the truth never sees the light of day because of the enormous damage it would do to political careers and any trust in science.
      – Astrophysics. Your scientific enquiry leads you down a path where the only possible explanations for your theories are totally mythical beasts. A unicorn called cold, dark matter and a Leprechaun called cold, dark energy. At this point, any sane, rational human being would surely say to themselves that perhaps we made a fundamental error at the beginning of all this and we have just been compounding the error ever since. Maybe its time to go back to basic principles. Perhaps there is some merit in a plasma universe instead of just dismissing this out of hand.
      Open minded science – doesn’t exist
      Open and rational debate in scientific circles – doesn’t exist
      Centuries ago, pagan priests made human sacrifices to the weather gods. A few centuries later, in an insane mass frenzy, thousands were executed as witches for various crimes including affecting the weather. Droughts, storms and floods were not uncommon, but rather than being seen as just normal weather events, someone had to be to blamed. The main difference is that today, these natural weather phenomena are blamed on all mankind and the demon carbon dioxide. Back then, they were caused by some innocent spinster who just happened to own a cat but was in cahoots with old nick himself. Even worse if the cat was black. Modern human sacrifice continues. Men, women and children killed in the cobalt mines, sacrificed on the altar of the almighty electric vehicle. The environmental destruction caused by lithium mining including water loss, ground destabilization, poisoning of water ways, loss of biodiversity, soil contamination, air pollution and toxic waste piles. The European Union has declared lithium to be a reproduction inhibitor and it is also known to destroy kidney function. Environmentalists were jumping up and down about fracking, which, quite frankly, tuned out to be far less destructive than lithium mining. But where are these protests now about these planet killing activities. More human sacrifice to appease the great and good gods of climate change. Far from being climate friendly the push for electric vehicles is only causing more human misery, promoting modern slavery, poisoning people, animals and fish and has the potential to cause wide spread environmental breakdown on a previously unimaginable scale. Whilst man made climate change is, if the powers that be are really honest, purely speculative with no actual scientific basis, the massive cost to the planet of mining lithium, cobalt and copper are real, here and now.
      In an age where more information than ever is readily available to everyone, we are truly in a scientific dark age.

  7. Rickoshay on 17/05/2023 at 11:58 am said:

    Hell Yes TD you just completely nailed the state of modern science, i completely agree with that awesome statement, you even touched on a few of my own pet hobby horses, the meta science of the electric plasma universe is something i can find a child like wonder thinking on, highways of energy flowing though the universe upon which stars are born, or Birkeland currents to be pedantic lol.
    You are obviously aware of the Safire project, now that is something that has the potential of providing never ending amounts of free non polluting energy to the people, but because it doesn’t need constant supply’s of fuel its repressed.
    Plasma should be he subject of university studies instead of being relegated to the obscurities of mad science that it is.
    These pseudo scientists are a threat to knowledge accumulation and future science in general, all for a pay check, the cancel culture and socialist leadership of these intuitions is the death of advanced learning.
    Ive managed to avoid the bio-weapon couched as a vaccine thats causing so much harm to our population and seems to be aimed squarely at depopulating the elderly, guess the politicians had to find a way to thin them out after wasting their pension funds, im constantly amazed at the gullibility of the general population, maybe they are just sick of living.
    CO2 is plant food and the IPCC is a stupid institution, i believe the real threat to mankind is the banking cartels, its they who finance corruption and higher leaning stupidity of gender studies and culture wars, divide and conquer is their not so cunning plan.
    A man is a man a girl is a girl everyone else is mental. lol
    anyway enough raving for now, im really just a hillbilly with a bad attitude lol

  8. Tricky Dicky on 21/05/2023 at 10:17 pm said:

    Hi Rickoshay
    I am aware of the Safire project. I am not 100% convinced yet, but open to persuasion. No, scratch that. Anything that grinds the gears of that arrogant tosser “professor” Dave is all good in my book. I don’t care if everything Pierre-Marie Robitaille says over at sky scholar is complete BS (I don’t think it is by the way), as long as “professor” Dave gets his knickers in a knot, I’ll support it. That narcissist little prick needs bringing down a peg or 4.
    Anyhow, hopefully we will move forward and pillocks like Neil deGrasse Tyson and that smug prat Brian Cox will be shown up for the money grubbing trolls that they really are. I put them in the same anti-science camp as that lying old fart Attenborough. As far as the universe is concerned, the James Web telescope is throwing all sorts of curved balls at the establishment. I am endlessly amused by seeing them scramble to tell us that each new observation doesn’t prove them wrong. I always thought that science was about proposing a theory to fit the observations. But it seems that with cosmology, as with climate change, it is a case of distorting the observations to fit the narrative. Massaging the data to make sure the models produce the desired result – garbage in, garbage out. We may well end up with a very different conclusion if the observations are approached with an open mind. As far as I am concerned, I may have a leaning towards a predominantly plasma universe at the moment, but I am very much prepared to see where the evidence really leads us. Just imagine for a moment, the chaos if we were to find that the Hubble red shift is actually an artifact of an intergalactic medium composed of a plasma web and dust, slowing the light on its way to us. I’m not saying this is the case, but an open mind can take us to possibilities that the establishment cannot imagine. After all, photons interact with charged particles and there would be plenty of them in a plasma universe. Just saying.

    • Rickoshay on 25/05/2023 at 12:26 pm said:

      Hi TD
      yes prof Dave is a Turkey, the reason i like the Safire reactor is that its backwards compatible with existing tec, hook it up to any steam turbine and you got instant access to the grid, ie Huntly or the other coal fired power stations round the world, basic easy to understand tec that works now.
      Im sure that in the future there will be other inventions that make clean energy more excisable without having to put up with nuclear energy, nobody wants radiation causing energy.
      One of the things i find exiting about Safire is its ability to transmute elements, i see possibility’s to clean up Nuclear waste and residue from accidents and wars (depleted Uranium shells).
      Personally i think cosmetology is broken, it requires a complete paradigm shift away from Big Bang theory and god particle physics, we must embrace a reality based paradigm before we can venture forth upon the highways of energy leading to new star systems, charged particles could provide a free ride so to speak, JWST is gold standard science and more are needed.
      The micky mouse modelers are in the pay of the narrative builders and mediocre money men who seek control over the lives and country’s of all of us, leave them to self destruct when the population comes to the same conclusion.
      The old saying goes, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time etc.
      Woke ness is dying under the strain of reality and transsexualism is a cover for pedos and groomers in the inter and national political theater, why politics attracts such minor attracted fuckers ill never know, but it seems the U.N. is fulla them sickos as well,
      Seems to be a subject worth studying no doubt there is a treatise in there somewhere,
      A brave new world awaits, we need you and thinkers like you to make it happen so dont get too bitter about the state of man and his works, keep your powder dry and wits sharper.

  9. Tricky Dicky on 03/06/2023 at 1:39 pm said:

    Hi Rickoshay,
    Na, my wife says I am the dumbest smart person she has ever met. I don’t know anything, and I didn’t even know that until she told me.
    I am not sure what we can do about the climate change narrative. We cannot get the message across because we cannot get a good platform. Lamestream media is constantly in the face of the general public, but you can only visit social media if you know where to look. Anyone who questions the narrative gets cancelled and this is the way the populace is controlled. The media used to report facts and any opinion piece was always pre-faced with that disclaimer. The media was the fourth estate, there to hold the leaders and governments to account. Now, the media is bought and paid for and just a publicity arm for the rich and powerful. Opinion pieces are presented as facts and the “opinion” is always the version sanctioned by the narrative. To see a prime example of this, just head over to scroll down and take a look at “This is what mind control looks like.” Frightening really.
    On Friday 26th May we had around 1000 poor deluded, uneducated and gullible souls march on parliament, no doubt spurred on by the relentless bludgeoning of their feeble and fragile minds by the media deliberately and egregiously conflating local weather events with global climate. A well rehearsed and organized litany of lies that they have swallowed wholesale. If we, as climate realists, were to march on parliament, the media coverage would be very different. I would pick that we would become social pariahs and the media would interview some activists and regime approved “experts” to call us all science deniers and child murderers, or worse. I have a very good friend in the UK who is an atmospheric chemist. He knows that if we wants to keep his job, he has to promote the narrative and he still has a mortgage to pay. In private, he admits that man made climate change is complete bollocks.

    When the IPCC AR6 report was published, Secretary-General Guterres of the UN said:

    “Today’s IPCC Working Group 1 report is a code red for humanity. The alarm bells are deafening, and the evidence is irrefutable: greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel burning and deforestation are choking our planet and putting billions of people at immediate risk.” Now I might have some agreement with the deforestation claim, but greenhouse gas emissions?
    In reality, the UNIPCC AR6 report never said any such thing. Yet the IPCC have never attempted to correct this blatant misinformation and it was widely reported in international media. As such, the IPCC is complicit in sanctioning such deliberate and misleading representations and, as for Guterres, he has a long and inglorious history of ignoring facts in favour of spouting headline grabbing fiction. Because of his pension for fantasy he has his next job lined up already. He is writing the script for the “Fast and Furious 11. Police EV Squad”, or “Bugger it, my EV batteries have just crapped out. Excuse me mister criminal but can you just hang on whilst I find a fast charger and then I should be with you in 20 minutes or so. Then can you not drive faster than 50 kms an hour ‘cos they don’t hold a charge very well anymore. Thanks for your understanding.”
    Emergency 111. “Sorry, but due to power rationing and high demand for our services, non of our ambulances are charged at the moment. Yes sir, I know you are having a heart attack, but can you just hang on for an hour or so and we should be good to go then.”

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