Perspective, raw and bleeding

Alexa NZ rankings

The best in New Zealand is no. 1. All others fall into line astern according to their number. So far, we at the Climate Conversation are proud of our standing. However, should this ranking fall, we will still be proud of our standing.

Latest rankings – 21 June, 2011

(The closer the number is to 1, the more popular the site.)

Climate Conversation – 928    SciBlogs1879    Hot Topic3478    Open Parachute3602

This is a dose of reality. Has the warmist bluster lost its lustre?

20 June, 2011 — CCG 989;           SB ;           HT 4204;           OP
14 June, 2011 — CCG 1021;           SB 1709;           HT 4142;           OP 4988
12 June, 2011 — CCG 1038;           SB 1611;           HT 4398;           OP 6013
9 June, 2011 — CCG 1045;           SB 1584;           HT 4122;           OP 7113
8 June, 2011 — CCG 1100;           SB 1541;           HT 4113;           OP 6504

Visits: 68

3 Thoughts on “Perspective, raw and bleeding

  1. Clarence on 09/06/2011 at 7:21 am said:

    Does this mean that your blog receives 4 times as many hits as Hot Topic?

    • We’re a long way ahead, that’s for sure, but there’s more to Alexa’s assessment than comparing hits. For instance, I know it includes incoming links, but I don’t know their calculations; perhaps it’s even proprietary. The numbers just rank a nation’s web sites from most popular to least popular. Whether popular means more people or more high-quality people (by some mysterious measure) is impossible to say. But in this case, CC sits at 1100 and HT at 4113, so we’re a lot closer to the front than they are.

      But we’re even well ahead of SciBlogs! Wow! If we were to apply for public funding, we might reach the stars!

  2. Anthropogenic Global Cooling on 09/06/2011 at 9:43 pm said:

    Looks like Ken’s parachute didn’t open.

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