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Nonsense and Stuff on ocean ‘acidification’

[Anon]: Stuff (& RNZ) ran a piece yesterday on the “acidification” of seawater around the hydrothermal vents of White Island. One piece caught my eye: that pH levels of global seawater would fall to levels around 6.8 by 2100.

The volcano’s shallow vents produce acidic water with a very acidic pH — as low as 6.8 pH compared to standard sea water at 8.1 pH — and water temperatures up to 1 °C higher than seawater in the area. In other words, the vents create seawater conditions with pH, temperature and chemistry values as predicted for beyond the year 2100.
“It’s similar to what we might expect if we continue down the, frankly, disastrous trajectory of producing as much CO2 as we want, however we want,” Smith said.

What rubbish, I thought, so I went to the original paper, and it says no such thing. It references earlier work that suggests surface seawater pH levels could  fall to 7.98 by 2100.

In the proximity of the vents (i.e., V1, V2 and V3), pCO2 levels were high, ranging between 484 and 10,015 µatm, and calculated seawater pHT values were constantly lower than 7.98, which are projected average global sea surface pH values for the year 2100 and beyond (e.g., Caldeira and Wickett 2003; Gattuso and Lavigne 2009).

Is this the sort of scientific misinformation we want to challenge RNZ and Stuff over?

I say YES, we challenge the misinformation! What about an answer to this stuff, Stuff? Why did you misquote the paper? You claimed the oceans would turn to actual acid, which is completely false, and not what the scientists said. Radio NZ? — RT
[NOTE: A pH of 7 is neutral, neither alkaline (basic) nor acid. Below 7 is actual acid, rather than the vague “more acidic”, which is what the alarmists tell us is happening to the ocean. But it’s acid only in the immediate proximity of volcanic vents, while average pH everywhere else is 8.1 — firmly alkaline. – RT]

2 Thoughts on “Coalition conversations

  1. Stuff have gone full retard on globull warming aka climate change and facts don’t matter only the message.
    The Stuff editorial coalition announced late last year that it was their duty and intention to push the climate scare story that rising CO2 levels will cause CAGW.
    Their coverage has been extremely one sided and unbalanced and their cartoons have been straight out offensive.
    They like to quote James Renwick and they never get a alternate view as they believe the science is settled and that he is the high priest.
    Stuff have become an anti free enterprise commie rag pushing propaganda to their urban readers.
    Every weather event they blame on CO2 and the Australian bush fires according to them was all caused by rising CO2.
    I would expect that if you write a letter to Stuff pointing out their errors it will not be published .
    I have not been able to get any skeptical views published in the Waikato Times .
    Graham Anderson

  2. Maggy Wassilieff on February 10, 2020 at 8:36 am said:

    Here’s a good layman’s account of some of the nonsense written about Ocean “acidification”.

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