Any evidence yet, James?

My last communication to James Renwick was July last year. I said this:

Eventfinda are advertising your presentation in Nelson in August called “Climate Emergency”. What does it mean? What data does it rest on? What makes it an emergency? If you’re not too busy I hope you can help.

He didn’t have anything to tell me then, but now we see a tantalizing teaser in the RSNZ newsletter (in purple). Might be connected.

You’re welcome, James. Hope it flies.

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Why didn’t you go to one of his community lectures? I have, they are very good.
James won the Prime Minister’s Science Communication Prize in 2018.


No, Simon I don’t think RT would go to one of the community lectures by NZ’s high priest of Global Warming…. James Duvet Atmosphere Renwick, without getting very angry and possibly throwing up.
For instance, of the hysterical, fearmongering, “scientific” hyperbole of this piece of tripe put out by the NZ media…. “South Pole could “disintergrate” if Antarctic record breaking warmth keeps up – experts”….. he says … “Yes, all the Antarctic ice could melt if we try hard enough, but it would take 10,000 years”
Read that again , the guy is completely unhinged. … iiving in some crazed cloud-cuckoo land. … just throws in 10,000 years to sound scientific and put it well out of human reach. Just imaginary, insane garbage.
I love the verbage of the Renwick guru… things like…
..”the atmosphere acts like a duvet.
…we need to act now.
…the warming is already baked in.
… the science is clear/ unambigious.”
and one of my favourites…. “…makes for sobering reading”
…sobering reading…sobering reading.
The only person needing the “sobering” is this climate clown who needs to knock off the Koolaid.


@Richard Treadgold

What The Science Says:
An enhanced greenhouse effect from CO2 has been confirmed by multiple lines of empirical evidence. Satellite measurements of infrared spectra over the past 40 years observe less energy escaping to space at the wavelengths associated with CO2. Surface measurements find more downward infrared radiation warming the planet’s surface. This provides a direct, empirical causal link between CO2 and global warming.



I cannot follow your train of thought about 20 ppm. Is it like Zeno’s Paradox, where you never arrive anywhere? (I think you might just have got nowhere!)

1. Joanne Nova is not an expert so why do you waste time when you can look at science sites? You look, because you find her nonsense irresistible.

2. CO2 accumulates, and even if we stopped adding CO2 now Earth would continue to warm.

3. You don’t understand the consequences of adding enormous amounts of heat to the climate system: ice lost and worse weather.

4. You don’t understand the concept of tipping points.


Human activity has increased the atmospheric level of CO2 from 280 to 410ppm: 45%. The global mean surface temperature has risen 1.1C, and more warming is on its way. Of course the mean temperature has risen more than 1.1C in some places, as predicted.

Worse weather? We’ll see how many Australians deny AGW when they’ve had more “unprecedented” ie catastrophic bushfires.

You have no grasp of the science at all. What has water’s change of phase got to do with the energy balance? Nothing.

Nor for that matter has water vapour. The energy out is determined by the non-condensable GHGs, principally CO2, high on the troposphere – where there is no water vapour.

This is all normal or orthodox science. If you stopped looking at the crank sites like Joanne Nova and paid attention to the experts you might stumble on the truth.

You may not have understood the allusion to Zeno, but It’s apt. You’re trying to argue that if you just add CO2 in say 20ppm increments it’s inconsequential. So you know the equilibrium climate sensitivity, do you? Nobel Prize in the mail…

Harry Cummings

Just past the 30yr first 10 year we all go a die anniversary
500 million refugees where are they
2 meter sea level rise what happened
Ice free Arctic ?
All pacific island should have all disappeared by now
97% scientists agree yeah right
The great hockey stick debacle …… Mann lost his court case against a retired pensioner
Polar bear are now extinct some one should have told the polar bears
Last year over 400 per review papers calling out the whole CO2 scam
Australian forest fires around mid 70’s made the last look rather small
James Renwick an also ran professor and bit of a conman
Only human activity has increased CO2 from 280ppm to 410ppm good grief what a dumb thing to say that’s been debunked about a trillion times
Etc etc etc etc I could go on an on

I think the wheels are starting to fall off the old gravy man made climate change train an panic is starting to setting in

Blame everything on the old age pensioners or if you are so convinced about man made climate change pop up to China an have a word with the Chinese governments and stop buying “made in China” stuff


Brett Keane

Harry, add in the deadly ocean acidification…… Not happening anyway, but incapable of harming except maybe after a huge asteroid oceanic strike. We would then have more pressing problems. “Flaming Mountains” falling are predicted by the highest authority, by the way, but not of CO2. Brett Keane


First you tell us that 400 ppm of CO2 is insufficient to affect the climate. Now you are telling us that the first 20 ppm is responsible for almost all of the observed warming.
How do you reconcile these mutually contradictory opinions?


Nick and Simon, James Renwick has been pushing CAGW before it was even global warming . He admits that the MWP and other climate optimums are very inconvenient facts and then he and his mates try to change history and then state that the MWP was only in the northern hemisphere . His old mate Jim Salinger has done research in the Waitomo caves that proved that New Zealand experienced the MWP, Just because the global temperature and CO2 levels have gone up in lockstep in the last 30 years that proves nothing . There is no proof that the mild warming that the world has experienced since 1980 is not natural climate variability. There is ample proof that the three climate optimums in the last 8000 year were warmer than present and also that the doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere cannot warm the planet by more than .6 of one degree Celsius without positive water vapour feed backs which have never been identified. I know that the whole CAGW is a scam pushed by activists and people like James Renwick. Not one scientist has ever challenged my statement that biogenic methane… Read more »

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