Curiously connected temperatures

Australia and NZ are closer than we thought

Source: New Zealand hottest ever day in February 1973 arrived directly from Australian heatwave | Errors in IPCC climate science

Warwick Hughes came across the highest temperatures recorded in New Zealand and found that they occurred just as a Sydney heatwave came to an end. He comments:

Fascinating that the Australian air travelled ~2400 km over the ditch yet retained heat to make 40°C across Aotearoa. Yet pro-IPCC dogmas would not admit to UHI warmed air wafting out to the countryside to affect rural stations.

I note it’s also curious that amid apparently the “warmest global temperatures ever recorded“, New Zealand’s record high from 42 years ago still stands.

One Thought on “Curiously connected temperatures

  1. Sorry for the 1972 typo in my blog headline – it is of course 7 Feb 1973 when NZ saw its hottest ever day.

    [Changed. Thanks, Warwick. – RT]

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