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  1. Hi Richard,
    Wonderful to see your blog again – I have not been able to access it for a couple of years and suddely, here it is again.
    On the topic of trust;
    I am unsurprised that our current government is losing the trust of those who voted them into power. As an older (well into my 9h decade now) citizen of Aotearoa/New Zealand, the current ‘Climate Emergency’ annoys me greatly as, from my personal observations and some fairly wide reading, the concept is nothing more than a shiboleth. The earth and it’s climate does what it has always done, shown us a fair face until we believe that it will carry on indefinitely, them BAM, the weather makes a real mess of our lives and the countryside. But those of us who observe carefully and read widely know that this is how it has always been with climate, and all we can do is to take sensible measures to protect ourselves. Those who would destroy our economy to save the planet are either mad, deluded, or have an agenda they are not talking about openly, and I am sure the latter is the case.
    Our ‘dear leader’ who frequently talks nonsense about our ‘team of five million’ is, I am convinced, fitting us up with chopsticks and Coolie hats to ready us for our place in her One World nirvana.
    Please, someone, anyone, prove me to be in error!

    • Richard Treadgold on 13/06/2021 at 10:55 am said:

      Welcome back, Alexander, I wondered where you might have gone and I have no idea why you couldn’t access the CCG. To my knowledge, there have been no technical problems. But you’re back.

      I agree with your remarks. The tragedy is that 50 years ago you’d struggle to find a person who didn’t agree!

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