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‘Zero Carbon will need tough supervisors’

‘We’ll pick the apparatchiks before we tackle the Bill’

See this:

James Shaw is making the gross presumption that his loony Zero Carbon Bill will pass, by calling for nominations to a Climate Change Commission BEFORE the proposed legislation establishing that commission has even started its Second Reading.

Shaw is playing we Kiwis for fools! Or has there been a secret deal between Shaw and the scientifically illiterate National spokesman for climate change?

Someone needs to speak up loud and clear before nominations close at midnight tonight.

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Man of Thessaly
Man of Thessaly

The Zero Carbon Bill may well have trouble getting through Parliament with cross-party support, especially the proposed emissions targets. But it’s not a secret deal – all parties have publicly said they support establishing a commission. So moving ahead on that part seems reasonable to me.
Did you register your interest, or nominate someone else who you think is scientifically literate? (Just kidding. Anyone expressing your scientific views wouldn’t stand a chance).

Cole Ryan

“The bitter irony is that your rejection of science, so carefully calculated to secure redemption for the climate sins of humanity, will succeed only in condemning all of our race to decades of pain, poverty, misery and loss of freedom”

Nicely put Richard, you are accurately describing New Zealand’s descent into self-imposed green purgatory .

Cole Ryan

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