Ministry of Kiwi Climate Propaganda (KCP)

Known as the Ministry for the Environment (MfE), but given a new name to highlight the lack of science, fear of dissent and unfaltering righteousness that characterises totalitarian regimes. But whence arises my discordant denunciation?

Barry Brill commented yesterday on an MfE mail that talked about prosperity and fairness—economic factors not relevant to an environmental bureaucracy. His comments prompted me to review my June mails and discover something I missed.

The friendly, fluffy logo with the meaningless slogan stands for:

There’s no need to apply anything resembling a discriminating intellect to this important message, comrade citizen—just notice how happy these calming colours make you feel and bask in that peasant glow. We mean pleasant glow.

But read it you must. This important message from our confirmed socialist environmental Deputy Prime Minister Shaw begins:

Yesterday you signed up to join a nationwide consultation to decide how we make the transition to a low-emissions, sustainable economy that all New Zealanders can thrive in.

Wonderfully uniting, positive and optimistic. At the end—actually, beyond the end, in a postscript—the consultation disappears:

P.S. The best way you can support the campaign is to share your social reach by sharing the campaign on Facebook. — emphasis added

There’s a repetition of ‘share’ and an indecipherable “share your social reach”, otherwise this is a disgraceful replica of some of the worst parodies of totalitarian thinking anticipated by George Orwell. These cunning social justice warriors recruit me effortlessly (as they hope) into a campaign actually to achieve what I signed up for merely to investigate. They assume that I agree:

that climate change is real, is happening right now, and that it is an urgent threat that we need to tackle.

I would be a foolish man to deny that, given the propaganda of the last 30 years, and I would at the same moment be denying their generous praise:

As someone who cares about our climate you already know [this]

Climate change naturally occurs constantly, but the dangerous, anthropogenic kind of climate change has the same name, except it’s defined as caused by human activity. The meanings are mutually incompatible but inseparable, so you cannot deny that we change the climate, because they will say you’re a “climate denier.” It is blatant propaganda.

This is as fully reprehensible as the bilge that Barry received—pure propaganda funded by your good selves, my Kiwis. It makes any thoughtful man reach for strong words of censure, for this climate policy goes beyond the remit of elected leaders carefully instituting the promises of their election manifesto. The Greens never mentioned “zero carbon”, they suggested a 40% reduction.

Is there a journalist in this country capable of examining climate policy, seeing beyond the shallow statements of our socialist leaders and asking penetrating, spontaneous and untutored questions? Anybody?

I’m still working on a report of the meeting last week (been busy). Coming soon. Blog traffic is up; thanks for all your support.

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