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Around October or December last year, when we took possession of our house in Te Puke, a hot water leak began in the downstairs kitchen, soaking the wall, cabinets and floor unseen. In early January the leak was discovered and stopped. The insurance company settled our claim for thousands less than we hoped and we quickly agreed that our plans for renovation had to be brought forward.

We shopped around for all the things you need to renovate a kitchen. Two weeks ago we demolished the slightly soggy kitchen cabinets, the builder came in and replaced about half the floor and much of the wall lining and extended what will be a new pantry into the laundry. He’s putting in the last of the gib board, skirtings and architraves as I write this. The plumber has replaced the old black plastic piping, installed new plumbing for the sink, dishwasher and laundry and the sparky has installed new cabling for oven, power points and lights.

It’s nearly ready for the designer kitchen to be installed, which might happen next week.

My time hasn’t been my own but this apology for not writing very much is my own even if it’s for you. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty — I can see that traffic figures, though down, are still substantial. I look forward to putting out more posts on what continues to be the increasingly thorny topic of climate change.

Though I fail to understand why it hasn’t just died of the same boredom that hits ordinary people when climate change is mentioned. Can’t the activists notice they’ve lost and just give up?

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4 Thoughts on “Post on no posts

  1. Andy on 27/04/2016 at 11:41 am said:

    Thanks for the update. I sympathise with your dealings with insurance companies

  2. Mike Jowsey on 27/04/2016 at 12:06 pm said:

    Hope the kitchen turns out FAB mate.

  3. Andy, our puny episode ranks as a warm breeze against the raging thunderstorm you have had to face.

  4. Thanks Mike. You invest a great deal of effort in getting things right but at some point you have to let it all go and trust that other people do their parts right. It’s looking good so far.

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