Climate deceit turns leaders witless

This piece is from a note I took nearly a year ago, but the message remains fresh and compelling. – RT

Donna Laframboise picks up on Steven Goddard’s observation on the solemn pronouncement of the G7 industrial leaders last year. They agreed to “phase out fossil fuel use” by the end of the century.

Donna lists technological improvements we’ve enjoyed in the last 85 years and asks how sensible it would have been for heads of state to try to prescribe the energy sources we must use today.

Let us be serious. When Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Angela Merkel manage to balance their national budgets that’s a major accomplishment. The idea that younger generations, equipped with as-yet-undreamed-of technological marvels, will feel constrained by what was said at a press conference this week is plain bonkers.

Remember this the next time Paula Bennett, Tim Groser or John Key repeats this meaningless, dull-witted commitment. You can be quite certain they don’t consider 85-year-old beliefs when making today’s decisions.

Why should our great-grandchildren?

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