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Victoria University of Wellington is to quit its modest investments in fossil fuel.
“The University recognises that the world is still reliant on the fossil fuel industry and the intent of this decision is not to vilify responsible companies in the sector. The University [wants to align] its investment decisions with the results of its scientific research and its public stance on climate change,” said vice-chancellor Grant Guilford.

In other news

Sir Ian Botham has launched a sweeping attack on the leadership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, saying it is a ‘dictatorship’ that has ‘messed up its finances’ and betrayed bird lovers and the species that it is meant to save.

Imagine “New Greens” arise who adopt the abandoned spiritual mantle of “guardians of the earth.”
They live in union with both nature and the modern needs of humanity.
Imagine they protest the wind turbines for desecrating the landscape, killing wildlife, endangering people and consuming vast resources.
The New Greens strike at the heart of the wind turbines, showing that they fail their primary purpose because they don’t reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases.
Imagine they lobby the United Nations and the IPCC.
They plead with the bureaucrats to correct their misleading scientific reports.
Imagine they lobby the government and local bodies.
They plead with the politicians not to waste public money chasing an impossible dream.
Imagine they adopt early Greenpeace tactics.
They buy shares in wind turbine corporations so they can attend meetings.
Imagine those meetings: the shambles, the shouting, the tears amid the stony faces.
The New Greens plead with the directors to change their minds.
Imagine they chain themselves to trees as the bulldozers move in.
Some of them are injured or tragically die in clashes with police.
It emerges that the majority shareholders in the “green” wind turbine corporations are Greenpeace, RSPB and Friends of the Earth.
Just imagine.

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If you wish to pursue a financially and intellectually rewarding career in Petroleum Geology, then VUW, the fossil fuel divested university, can offer a range of courses at postgraduate level.

Yes! I noticed this. Torn, are they not, poor things!

Richard C (NZ)

>”the majority shareholders in the “green” wind turbine corporations are Greenpeace, RSPB and Friends of the Earth.” This is what they are investing in: Save Vestas jobs! Save the planet! Vestas closed the UK’s only wind turbine blade factories, on the Isle of Wight, in August 2009. Workers occupied the factory, then picketed. This blog is a history of that dispute and of the ongoing campaign for green jobs. … The Vestas company recently announced it wants to open a factory on another ‘island’, the Isle of Sheppey; again, like the Isle of Wight, a place with relatively high unemployment. … Again, Vestas is looking for government subsidies as the price for setting up operations, and a compliant workforce that is ‘just grateful to have a job’. … Worker killed on Vestas site … Vestas shed (move) 3,000 jobs from Scandinavia (to Spain) … Vestas workers in Colorado develop allergies to the resin used In a repeat of the experience of Vestas workers on the Isle of Wight, workers in their new plant in Colorado have been developing allergies because of the resin that Vestas uses in its manufacturing. The local newspaper The… Read more »

Wow! Trouble in paradise.


More on the Green Energy Bubble, this time from Ireland

Richard C (NZ)

Green bubble
>”The only attraction for banks is the guaranteed income from wind energy in the form of subsidies, but how long realistically can households and industry keep funding this ? As Per Wimmer points out, this is hardly sustainable green energy.”

Washing off the green wash.

Richard C (NZ)

‘Green disinformation: worse than we thought’ Bishop Hill The other day, I mentioned a report by a pair of NGOs on the subject of fossil fuel subsidies, noting that the usual suspects in the mainstream media had failed to mention that in the UK oil companies are subject to a supertax on top of the Corporation Tax to which all companies in the country are subject. It now seems that the report was even more misleading than we thought [hotlink – quote below]. “The report by Oil Change International is a complete distortion of facts. The authors have described as “subsidies” normal deductions of expenses and capital costs from revenues for calculation of taxable income. These are procedures which are followed in all fiscal systems in all countries for all forms of business and investment endeavors. Under normal definitions of “subsidy” the United States has no subsidies for the oil and gas industry which is why Obama has taken no steps to reduce them.” [Dr. Charles A. Kohlhaas] The quote is from this post: ‘The Appalling Truth About Energy Subsidies’ by Euan Mearns, November 17, 2014 Warren Buffet: “I will do… Read more »

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