Wind farms v. radar

This one’s really off the radar.

Wind farms, along with solar power and other alternative energy sources, are supposed to produce the energy of tomorrow. Evidence indicates that their countless whirring fan blades produce something else: “blank spots” that distort radar readings.

Now government agencies that depend on radar — such as the Department of Defense and the National Weather Service — are spending millions in a scramble to preserve their detection capabilities…

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  1. Richard C (NZ) on 27/11/2011 at 5:35 pm said:

    Victoria AU has household veto rights within a 2km wind turbine buffer zone:-

    Wind turbine rules mystify Danes

    The head of the world’s largest wind energy company has questioned the Baillieu government’s rationale for giving households veto rights over turbines within two kilometres of their homes.

    Ditlev Engel, chief executive of Danish company Vestas, said he had ”no idea” where the policy had come from.

    Mr Engel, who is visiting Victoria with Crown Prince Frederik and Tasmanian-born Crown Princess Mary, said no one had explained the motivation for Victoria’s most restrictive regulations on turbines.

    ”I was asked the other day in Canberra where does that number come from, and I said I have no idea,” he said. ”Who found out that two kilometres was the magic number?

    ”In Denmark, when you have a wind turbine, in order to get approval, you need to be four times the height of the tip (away from a house). The tip height is 150-200 metres, so the distance from the turbine to where people live has got to be 600-800 metres. And that’s fine.

    The government has said the two-kilometre buffer zone had been long-standing Coalition policy based on studies of planning schemes overseas.

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