ETS threatened by carbon price collapse

For those hoping our ETS will stem our emissions by requiring a price for them, the Greens have got it badly wrong.

The financiers won’t get rich, neither will the Earth become cool, because the price is collapsing here, too.

First Europe (two or three times!) and now New Zealand. When will the government refund all the extra we’ve been paying for petrol and power?

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Billion tons CO2 = how many °C?

I’m sick of all these claims that we should, or even can, limit the world’s warming to 2 °C.

Here’s a challenge: name a scientist prepared to make this assertion and describe the evidence for it.

It appears to be no more “settled science” than an unsubstantiated urban myth. At the very least, there’s so much uncertainty about the climate sensitivity to warming that we don’t know the effect on temperature of, say, 5 billion tonnes of CO2.

Ignoring for a moment the obvious question of what’s so wrong with two degrees, how do “scientists” reason their way from 2 degrees of warming to (as it says below) 44 billion tons of CO2 in 2020? Continue Reading →

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