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Alexa rulz!

Just a quick note to draw your attention to a new feature on the sidebar: scroll down one page and you should see it. There’s a little table showing the recent Alexa rankings for the Climate Conversation, SciBlogs and Hot Topic. At the moment we’re leading them by big margins.

It’s not automated, just a table I’ll fill in when I remember.

My wife and son just accused me of boasting, and I suppose to some degree I am boasting. However, it’s humbling to see that this modest little blog is more popular and thousands more people visit it than other, brasher sites around the country that even get into the newspapers.

I’m content to boast a little if it means that more ordinary Kiwis hear about us and get the opportunity to participate in a calm, polite and informative conversation about “the biggest challenge facing humanity today.”

This is a bit of bragging I won’t apologise for and the mainstream media can go hang. Notice we’ve just gone under 1000, which means we’re one of the thousand most popular sites in the country. Course, it could change tomorrow!

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11 Thoughts on “NZ blog rankings

  1. Alexander K on 22/06/2011 at 12:22 am said:

    Your’e allowed to open the door to make room to throw your chest out if you’v’e earned it!
    Nice one, as that mad pretend-teenager used to say on the box in pas aeons.

  2. Andy on 22/06/2011 at 7:18 am said:

    Where’s Ken?

    • Ken Perrott has lost interest lately. You’ll remember that, regrettably, Ken made an embarrassing mistake here four months ago and since then has neither visited nor posted on Open Parachute about the climate. If he shows signs of coming back to life, I can add Open Parachute to the table. The figures yesterday showed that in about 12 days OP had moved up from 6504 to 3602, so his traffic is a worthy rival, but if he’s not talking about the climate it doesn’t relate to us.

  3. Gary Kerkin on 22/06/2011 at 8:33 am said:

    Not really on this topic, other than being related to the sidebar topics, but its nice to see the crude oil indicators and to comment that Brent Oil is part of the determination of pump prices in New Zealand. Also nice to see that it has dropped around $7/barrel in the last week. I note that the exchange rate has bounced up a cent or so this week so we ought to see a drop in petrol price about now. Or should I submit that to the Tui Billboard managers?

    • Ha, ha. Well said, Gary. Thanks for the information. I should put something together about oil prices and supply, since it’s at the very heart of the global warming debate. It would be good to hear more comments from the likes of yourself with inside knowledge.

  4. Gary Kerkin on 22/06/2011 at 10:44 am said:

    Not inside knowledge, Richard. Just something I gleaned from my many conversations and constant searching.

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  6. Magoo on 03/03/2012 at 11:19 am said:

    Richard T – I see that the Perrot clown has released a list of blog rankings, and Climate Conversation Group seems to be missing off the list of 253 blogs. As CCG used to beat Hot Topic & Sciblogs I’m wondering why CCG is totally excluded from the list. You don’t think the Perrot clown decided to make a slight alteration perhaps?

  7. Magoo – Climate Conversation is not excluded (by me) from the NZ rankings. Richard refuses to allow his stats to be used.

    I have invited hum to particpate several times. I repeat that invitation.

    Personally I don’t give a stuff what his stats are (after all the number 1 blog on my list is that of an extreme climate science denier). But if Richard were really keen to advertise how well he were doing, why doesn’t he honestly front up – like the other blogs?

  8. Richard C (NZ) on 12/04/2012 at 11:57 am said:

    Being an “extreme climate science” denier myself Ken (especially of Hansen-Brand extreme climate science), I’m encouraged that such a site is #1.

    And it looks like former NASA scientists and astronauts agree

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