A lonely death, an inexpressible grief

Pike River mine

The miners who perished

we who mourn thank you

Glen Peter Cruse, 35, Cobden, New Zealand
Allan John Dixon, 59, Rununga, New Zealand
Zen Wodin Drew, 21, Greymouth, New Zealand
Christopher Peter Duggan, 31, Greymouth, New Zealand
Joseph Ray Dunbar, 17, Greymouth, New Zealand
John Leonard Hale, 45, Ruatapu, New Zealand
Daniel Thomas Herk, 36, Rununga, New Zealand
David Mark Hoggart, 33, Foxton, New Zealand
Richard Bennett Holling, 41, Blackball, New Zealand
Andrew David Hurren, 32, Greymouth, New Zealand
Riki Steve Keane, 28, Greymouth, New Zealand
Terry David Kitchin, 41, Rununga, New Zealand
Samuel Peter Mackie, 26, Greymouth, New Zealand
Francis Skiddy Marden, 41, Rununga, New Zealand
Michael Nolan Hanmer Monk, 23, Greymouth, New Zealand
Stuart Gilbert Mudge, 31, Rununga, New Zealand
Kane Barry Nieper, 33, Greymouth, New Zealand
Peter O’Neill, 55, Rununga, New Zealand
Milton John Osborne, 54, Ngahere, New Zealand
Brendan John Palmer, 27, Cobden, New Zealand
Benjamin David Rockhouse, 21, Greymouth, New Zealand
Blair David Sims, 28, Greymouth, New Zealand
Keith Thomas Valli, 62, Wairio, New Zealand
Malcolm Campbell, 25, Greymouth, New Zealand (British)
Peter James Rodger, 40, Greymouth, New Zealand (British)
Jacobus (Koos) Albertus Jonker, 47, Cobden, New Zealand (South African)
William John Joynson, 49, Dunollie, Australia
Joshua Adam Ufer, 25, Australia


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11 Thoughts on “A lonely death, an inexpressible grief

  1. val majkus on 25/11/2010 at 7:49 pm said:

    we in Australia want to know a reliable recipient where funds can be donated

    • The BNZ advertises the New Zealand account number 020844 0074501-00. Let me know if you need help getting money to that from overseas. I’m sure the BNZ will know how to advise you.

      I heard on the radio the woman who set up that account and she’s ordinary and genuine.

      Thanks, Val.

  2. Richard C (NZ) on 25/11/2010 at 9:18 pm said:

    29 at Pike River, West Coast , NZ
    29 at Big Branch, West Virginia, USA

    Same death, same grief.

  3. val majkus on 25/11/2010 at 10:17 pm said:

    Richard I need the IBAN and and the Account Name; (most people who want to do international transfers will need an IBAN) and all of us will need an account name could you set up the details on your website please

  4. The BNZ have given me a little more detail. They have waived transaction fees, so everything you send will reach the miners’ relief fund.

    For New Zealand residents, the bank account to credit — through internet banking or at your nearest BNZ branch — is:

    Pike River Mine BNZ Appeal
    Greymouth branch
    02 0844 0074501-00

    From overseas, the easiest donation method is with a credit card through Grab One at http://www.grabone.co.nz/dunedin-invercargill/pike-river-miners-relief-fund. If you go to the Australian site at http://www.grabone.com.au, there’s a link to the NZ site at the top of the page.

    You have to register first, which is easy and painless.

    PLEASE NOTE that there’s a limit of $5 per donation, but NO CREDIT CARD FEES are charged by Grab One, so to donate more, just perform multiple transactions.

    Large overseas donations

    For those of greater generosity wanting to donate three or four-figure amounts, you should use a Telegraphic Transfer from your local bank. As well as the basic account information shown above, you will need this:

    Bank address:
    Store 91,
    MacKay Street,
    Greymouth 7805.


    Your transaction will cost something at your end, plus there’s a fee of $25 added at this end.

    The latest news is that $1.3 million has poured in to the miners’ relief fund.

    Thank you for your generosity.

    • val majkus on 26/11/2010 at 8:37 pm said:

      Richardwi3; thanks for your reply and adding my own plug for the BNZ; I sent it an e mail this morning after trying to locate it on my bank international site and it replied within one hour with the info I needed notwithstanding the usual response rate is 2 days so thanks to you and it

    • val majkus on 26/11/2010 at 9:07 pm said:

      sorry RichardT for the typo my cat was sitting on the keyboard; I’ve passed the details around my contacts

    • That’s hilarious! Don’t worry.

  5. val majkus on 02/12/2010 at 9:14 pm said:

    Commiserations to the families; such a huge loss

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