Salinger’s adjusted data now online

By courtesy of Mr Warwick Hughes, who kindly sent it to us, we are pleased to post this spreadsheet containing the historical New Zealand temperature series. The data are from the seven weather stations chosen by Dr Salinger and adjusted by him to represent the country’s temperatures, although it does not include the actual adjustments made or the reasons for them.

When plotted, it produces a graph similar to the one on NIWA’s web site that shows strong warming during the 20th century.

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2 Thoughts on “Salinger’s adjusted data now online

  1. Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to get the monthly temperature readings from each of the stations (raw data)?
    I am curious about possible differences in the seasonal variation between the stations and its effect on local trends, the anomaly calculation and the long term trend.


    Tore Olafsen

    • Please see your email inbox for our reply, Tore. For others wanting the station IDs: we’re describing our methods to accompany the list of stations and it’ll be posted in, hopefully, a few days. We’re most anxious that people know exactly what we’ve done, otherwise they will find it impossible to replicate our results, even with the station list. Once we’ve published our methods, we’ll all have the same understanding and then the criticism can begin in earnest. Which we welcome! Thanks for your enquiry, Tore.

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