Could Labour and their treasonous tribal cronies get back in?

Coalition negotiations have been going on for a long time and the parties are not telling us why—but neither should they.

It’s hard to be super-optimistic that they will come to an agreement.

However, there’s nothing to stop us from telling them to pull out all the stops, make it work. Tell them how deeply afraid we are at the thought we’re about to let Labour and their treasonous, black-hearted cronies back in. Continue Reading →

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Letters to the Editor

There are important lessons here for New Zealand and now, with National and ACT in the driving seat, maybe we’ll juice up our defence spending? Is there an appetite for that? Let me know in the comments.

Green, powerless, defenceless

31st October, 2023

by Viv Forbes with help from friends
Washpool, Qld 4306, Australia

As net zero strangles Australian industry, Australia is becoming green, powerless and defenceless.

History holds lessons that we ignore at our peril. Japan was opened to trade with the US in the 1850s. They were daunted by the naval power of Britain and the US but were determined to catch up.

In the 1930s Japan attacked China, Mussolini attacked Ethiopia and Hitler planned how to avenge WW1 in Europe. Britain’s PM Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler and proclaimed he had achieved “Peace in our Time”.

But Churchill warned:

Britain must arm. America must arm. We will surely do it in the end but how
much greater the cost for each day’s delay.

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