Biden more costly to US than cyber criminals

Real Clear Energy describes how Joe Biden’s hostility toward American energy independence is degrading American energy security. His policies since Day One are running amok in the US energy sector, apparently to save the world from climate change. Or, seeing his craven postures before both Russia and China, is it rather that the world needs socialism? — RT

It took a cyberattack to make clear how integral pipelines are to making the most of abundant natural resources that are available domestically and in a friendly, neighboring country. Unfortunately, Biden’s cancellation of the permit for the Keystone Pipeline is just the beginning as it has set the stage for a broader assault on the oil and gas industry throughout the U.S. that works to the advantage of hostile foreign powers. How do we know?

American energy independence is “inconsistent” with the Biden administration’s climate change agenda, according to a secretarial order from the Interior Department issued in April. The order explicitly points to the Trump administration’s pursuit of energy independence as one of several “obstacles” standing in the way of Biden’s efforts to “create jobs through a growing clean energy economy; and to bolster resilience to the impacts of climate change.”

In this same order, Team Biden proceeds to dilute the Interior Department’s energy portfolio by restricting oil and gas development on federal lands while also halting petroleum production from the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. By suppressing America’s domestic energy sources, the administration has put the country back on a path toward drawing in more imports from foreign nations and from here it gets worse. Along the way toward achieving “net zero emissions” by 2050, Biden is promoting wind, solar and battery storage strategies that will make America more dependent on China. That’s because the components that go into renewable energy are largely manufactured in China. Since the entire Biden plan appears to be crafted toward abandoning America’s natural resources in exchange for Chinese imports, Biden is once again poised to cause more long-term damage to the country than any single cyberattack.

Climate change no excuse for such exceptional folly

Bonner Cohen, a senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, debunks the climate alarmism sitting at the center of Biden’s policy prescriptions.

“In subordinating American energy independence to a quixotic effort to micromanage the planet’s climate, the Biden administration is engaging in a folly of breathtaking proportions,” he said.  “Nothing they are proposing will have any measurable effect on the climate.  Nor should it.  The climate is doing quite well, thank you.  We are living in an interglacial period, which is far preferable to the alternative: a new Ice Age.  Today’s higher levels of atmospheric CO2 are highly beneficial, especially to plant life and agriculture.  Abandoning fossil fuels, of which the U.S. has an abundance, and embracing intermittent wind and solar power, which are dependent on China for most of their materials and back-up batteries, is geopolitical suicide. We haven’t seen this kind of poor judgment since the summer of 1914 when European leaders decided that a quick, short war would solve all their problems.”

Not so long ago, the benefits of American energy independence were celebrated and recognized across party lines. In fact, it was only back in 2019 that the U.S. became energy independent for the first time in 62 years, meaning the U.S. energy production was higher than energy consumption. “One can thank the oil and gas industry and its use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling for that milestone as production in those industries increased a combined 11 percent in 2019, according to a press release from IER. “Total U.S. energy production increased by 5.7 percent in 2019 while U.S. energy demand decreased by 0.9 percent,” the release says.

Posterity will have good reason to view career politicians as more damaging than cyberattacks.

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Strange that New Zealand is heading down this same narrowly-defined road at the same time as America. Sheer chance? — RT

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16 Thoughts on “Biden more costly to US than cyber criminals

  1. Tricky Dicky on 06/06/2021 at 2:44 pm said:

    I don’t know if anyone picked up on this little gem published on the Weekend Herald website.

    In an article entitled Watch this space. “The far-fetched can quickly become reality, as Covid has shown. Now, scientists worry we are unprepared for a geomagnetic catastrophe.” The article goes on to explain the major technology disaster that would follow a large coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun and the damage it would cause to satellites, GPS, radio, internet and our electricity supply. It predicts that in some places, the loss of electricity could last for up to a year. I think that this is a gross underestimation of the havoc that a sufficiently large CME would cause. The article fails to mention that a CME will have a much greater effect due to our weakening magnetic field. This was seen when a minor solar flare caused a radio blackout across the Pacific earlier this year. As mentioned in the article – “After the (relatively minor) Halloween flares of 2003, planes in the UK lost GPS function for a day; passengers on polar flights (such as Dubai to Los Angeles) may have been exposed to 70 per cent of their recommended annual radiation limit in one go. The damage would cost trillions. And we’ve already seen it happen on a miniature scale: a small solar storm in 1989 triggered nine-hour blackouts across Quebec, Canada.” The problem is that since 2003, and 1989, it is estimated that the Earth’s magnetic field strength has fallen by a further 10%. Whilst it may have been just coincidence, and I can’t rule that out or anything else in for that matter, but a relatively small solar flare made impact with the east coast of Australia at exactly the same time that the Callide power plant exploded. Just saying :). But, Holy Hindenburg Batman, that plant is also hydrogen cooled so, take your pick as to what may have been the cause. And we want to swap natural gas for hydrogen?

    I think we have 2 probable future scenarios.

    Scenario 1. NASA are right and solar cycle 25 will be one of the weakest of the last 200 years. This has a number of implications. Solar cycle 24 was also low in activity and our planets temperature, whilst reasonably stable, has shown a small, but definite cooling trend since the El Nino peak in 2016. This cooling should probably have been more marked if it hadn’t been buffered by the oceans giving up the heat stored over the last 40 years of high solar activity. The thermosphere climate index is back below 6 (as of today it is 5.75 x 10 to the power of 10 watts) and causing atmospheric compression. This, in turn, is screwing with the jet streams and causing the meridional flow patterns. The effects of this have been record cold spells across Europe with the Brits having the coldest April since 1922 and one of the coldest Mays since Central England temperature record keeping began in 1659. The lower magnetic field strength of the sun is letting in more cosmic rays and the Oulu neutron count is still in the high range (Highest ever recorded was +11.7% and the lowest was
    – 32.1%. We are currently sitting at +9%.) Even this early in to cycle 25 we should have expected the Sun’s magnetic field to be giving us a little better protection from cosmic rays. So the prospect seems to be a cooling planet and an increase in wild weather. This will not be caused by “global warming”. The lower solar activity causes this distortion of the jet streams and this increases temperature differentials. This is not as in the normal pole to equator temperature gradient, but in an east/west pattern. Cold air is dragged up from the Antarctic and, right next to it is warm air being dragged down from the tropics. This is obviously the opposite way in the northern hemisphere. It is this temperature differential that will provide the energy input for wild weather. This sort of effect has been very adequately demonstrated in the US. During tornado season, the warm air comes up from the gulf of Mexico and meets the cold air over the Rockies. This temperature differential is the cause of the tornadoes. 2018 was the only year since official records began in 1950 that no tornado in the United States was rated in the violent class, F4 or above. This was the year when the air over the Rockies was warmer than normal and so a reduction in temperature difference resulted in lower storm energy. So the prospect will be for colder and less stable weather and the consequent effects on energy and food supply will become very obvious, very quickly.

    Scenario 2. NASA are not correct and solar cycle 25 ramps up to a higher than predicted sun spot maximum in 2024/2025. This is the real danger point for us. A solar burp of the Carrington Event size will completely nuke our electrical infrastructure. But our magnetic shield strength is estimated to be 20% lower than is was when the Carrington Event happened, so a much smaller coronal mass ejection will do just as much damage. We missed a reasonable sized CME in 2012. It passed straight through earth’s orbital path but, fortunately, we passed through that same point 8 days later. A near miss. But, just to give you an idea of how unstable our electrical infrastructure is here in New Zealand. A few days ago, a friend of mine lost his power when a thunderstorm passed through his town. The lightening took out the transformer. Once this was fixed, the problems didn’t go away, because the storm has taken out one of the supply phases. This sort of thing is made worse by the Earth’s increasing electro magnetic instability. As for this theory that climate change is causing the shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles, that is just absolute fantasy. As pointed out in a recent paper by Serra-Garcia and Gneezy, the more outrageous a science story, the more it is cited. They discovered that almost 40% of the science papers published in Science and Nature could not be repeated. Yet, even though the results could not be replicated, they were cited 300 times more often than repeatable science. This may be the source of the “replication crisis,” first discovered the early 2010s. So much for the theory that peer reviewed journals are supposed to be the rigorous guardians of modern science. The hand of political interference and an insatiable appetite for click bait – even in science.

    I don’t think there is a middle ground in this. The next couple of years will tell. But the UK politicians are starting to wake up to the prospect of a reset, although not quite back to the stone age as suggested by some. The New Zealand government is asleep at the wheel as far as these things are concerned. They are hell bent on dismantling our western way of life and setting us on a road to the new Utopia, where you will own nothing and be happy. New Zealand does not have the resources, either personnel or materials, to rebuild our electrical net work. We will not see any help down here until well after the rest of the world has rebuilt their societies.

    Quite honestly, whilst it will be unpleasant and uncomfortable, I prefer scenario 1. My fear is that we will get scenario 2. The UK certainly seems to think so.

    We can’t do anything to change the course of this idiot government. The problem is, the opposition has also been drinking the Kool-Aid. So, my project for the next couple of years is to go off grid. I have given myself until 2023 at the latest so no more internet banter about climate change. It all looks to be irrelevant. Mother nature is about to give us a huge slap in the face one way or another.

    To sign off:

    Bonne chance guys. I think we are going to need it.

  2. Brett Keane on 09/06/2021 at 7:57 pm said:

    Richard the Suave: Overall, I have to agree. Got no reply when I told KiwiBank I was keeping my Chequebook
    in case of a Carrington event. Though I doubt that would save me. My yacht and Nets might be more useful…
    A strong rural community more so, but it would be still very deadly as maddened and starving urbanites rampaged. Very Mad Max……. Brett Keane

    • Juglans Nigra on 10/06/2021 at 11:56 am said:

      has anyone else been blocked out of this site in the last day or two?

      Re Carrington event: If you stockpile; do it as an increment ? checkout people take notice sometimes.
      such as :
      If the server at the bank is cooked; how do they honour a cheque when they have no idea who has how much in what account??
      When cash is taken out of circulation: Will the I.D. card chips cook in a Carrington event ?
      With a diesel tractor: do the alternator windings cook? or just the rectifier that allows feed to the battery?
      A rural community is a great ideal; But how many rurals today are subdividing off good homestead sized productive land to encourage enough rural population to even keep the last of the rural schools open? The ones I asked several years ago only wanted to keep amalgamating despite their desire for more students……duh.
      My woodlot neighbours are already thieving my stash of building materials put aside for a bach…..Given a Carrington or any other serious event; are they likely to become generous ?
      All in all, it would be nice to have a true outside opinion on some of these lines of thought.

  3. Brett Keane on 10/06/2021 at 3:12 pm said:

    The urban/suburban/lifestyler lot have no idea how small they are compared to the nation’s Farm and Bushland. About 2% max. That lifestyle is irrelevant to the rest of us, numbers notwithstanding. I can walk 50miles in a straightish line and bump into noone. But it is land Primary to our survival. Most Diesels don’t need electricity but they still need fuel. We could go back to distilling it out of Peat for instance. Or distill alcohol…..

    Faraday Cages can protect electrical gear, but sensible precautions such as correcting the Earthings are required to avoid a lot of cook-ups, all the same. They will not even do this, and likely kill many of us and our livestock in a briefish frenzy. Replanting and restocking? Quite beyond most of them, such subtle and longterm planning. First huge problem: Blind to real problems like cooling (now back to 1980 levels, so still no terrible problem but expected to increase in out of season damage which is ‘Little Ice Age’ stuff and was deadly in the past. Can be handled if we make enough small strong glasshouses or similar, for instance. Brett Keane

  4. Esra Dral on 11/06/2021 at 2:53 pm said:

    I just hope this guy is not right.

    That would be game over.

  5. Esra Dral on 12/06/2021 at 7:47 pm said:

    For those that could not access the original weekend herald publication, here it is without the pictures.

    The far-fetched can quickly become reality, as Covid has shown. Now, scientists worry we are unprepared for a geomagnetic catastrophe. If you had taken an evening stroll through Manhattan on August 29, 1859, you might have thought the night sky had burst into flames. That night, across North America, a magnificent display of auroral green illuminated the houses, streets, and farms, before settling into a livid blaze of blood-red. In Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago, crowds of amazed sky-gazers wandered the streets at midnight. In New Orleans, sparks fell from the sky, like rain. Gold miners in the Rockies began to cook breakfast, because they thought it was morning. “Streamers of yellow and orange shot up and met and crossed each other,” wrote one New York Times reporter, “rapidly changing [the sky’s] hue from red to orange, orange to yellow, and yellow to white, and back in the same order to brilliant red.”
    Telegraph communications failed across the world, as poles burst into flames. Some thought it was a gift from God; others thought it signalled the world’s imminent demise. Most looked for a scientific explanation, but were left stumped.
    In fact, a billion tons of plasma had been beamed away from the sun in just a few hours, creating intense patches of light on the sun’s surface, which were spotted through a telescope by English astronomer Richard Carrington from the Kew Observatory in west London. The Carrington event, as it was later named, helped introduce scientists to the concept of “space weather”: sun-driven geomagnetic activity just outside the Earth’s atmosphere.
    It unlocked a fascinating new scientific frontier, but also signalled a new threat to our way of life. And if one particular former Downing St aide is to be believed, Britain is woefully unprepared for a similar space weather event, were it to strike tomorrow. Last Wednesday, addressing Parliament’s science committee, Dominic Cummings generated headlines with his blistering attack on the Government’s pandemic preparedness. Then, about two hours in, he made a rather worrying aside, mentioning that Whitehall’s plan for solar flares, a form of space weather, is “completely hopeless — if that happens we’re going to be in a worse situation than Covid”. If the past 14 months have done anything, they have focused our minds on the fragility of our existence. We now know that the far-fetched can quickly become reality; the plot of a Hollywood film like Contagion, once considered a work of speculative fiction, can move into the realm of the mundane.
    “Covid has been a wake up call,” says Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, and founder of Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. “It’s made people more aware the unfamiliar is not the same as the improbable, to quote [US elections guru] Nate Silver.”
    Last month, scientists at Cornell University suggested that major solar storms are once-in-a-century events. Given the last was in 1921, we can expect one to hit some time this century.
    We tend to think of the sun as a solid ball of heat, burning steadily. In fact, it is more like a boiling pan, constantly emitting a stream of vapour made up of gas, radiation, and magnetic activity. Normally this “sun vapour” moves happily around the solar system. Humans, protected by the Earth’s magnetic field, don’t notice, except at the North and South poles, where disturbances in the magnetosphere allow us to see wondrous green auroras in the night sky.
    Astronauts get an even clearer view. Chris Hadfield, who spent four months aboard the International Space Station in 2012 and 2013, remembers seeing occasional “flashes of light” when he closed his eyes; and at one point space-walked directly through the southern lights.
    But every now and again, thanks to storms of magnetic activity within the sun, our star spits out a larger than normal amount of material. The most common of these events are known as solar flares: intense bursts of ultraviolet radiation that can disrupt radio communications when directed towards Earth. Rarer, but far more serious, are coronal mass ejections, in which part of the sun’s atmosphere blasts away, taking one to four days to reach Earth. It was one of these events that fried global telegraph lines in 1859.
    Space weather has affected the Earth for millennia. In 1582, “fiery flames” were recorded as having dazzled the skies over Europe and Asia. “At midnight, great fire rays arose above the castle which were dreadful and fearful,” wrote author Pero Ruiz Soares, an eyewitness from Lisbon.
    But our modern dependence on technology means a similar event would be much more impactful today. According to a 2015 UK Government report, a Carrington-scale space storm could destroy global satellite signals and GPS navigation, plunging us into a communications deadzone, with no phone, radio, TV or internet. Power grids could burn, causing blackouts lasting a year in parts of the world.
    After the (relatively minor) Halloween flares of 2003, planes in the UK lost GPS function for a day; passengers on polar flights (such as Dubai to Los Angeles) may have been exposed to 70 per cent of their recommended annual radiation limit in one go. The damage would cost trillions. And we’ve already seen it happen on a miniature scale: a small solar storm in 1989 triggered nine-hour blackouts across Quebec, Canada.
    In his dark call-to-arms, Apocalypse How?, published last year, former UK Tory cabinet minister Sir Oliver Letwin argues we have become increasingly reliant on a global network of energy and communications.
    These technologies provide “huge insurance” against some types of threat, like floods and famines; but magnify other threats, such as space weather: “[We should not] assume that all is well because someone, somewhere, is ‘dealing with the problem’,” he writes. “There are structural issues why such issues and risks don’t rise to the top of political agenda, until and unless a disaster materialises.”
    Also at play is the deeply human desire to avoid thinking about anything too unpleasant or far-fetched. “[Disasters] that are extremely severe but rather improbable — they’re the ones it’s easy to overlook,” says Lord Rees.
    But prepare we must, he says.
    The threat of a pandemic was top of the global risk list long before December 2019, when doctors in Wuhan first reported the outbreak of a “Sars-like pneumonia”. Virologists even pinpointed that “Disease X” would probably come from a bat in Asia. And still, much of the Western hemisphere was caught off guard.
    Space weather is much less predictable. Governments may want to up their game to prevent catastrophe the next time the skies turn green.

    Scary stuff. And Saint Jacinda of the Covid still thinks man made climate change is a matter of life and death. She is either a very well clued up Machiavellian manipulator pushing a Marxists agenda, or a clueless halfwit. i will let you make up your own minds.

  6. Esra Dral on 13/06/2021 at 10:38 am said:

    And on the back of story above:

    If this termination event occurs and solar cycle 25 really ramps up, given out magnetic shields are down (The shields are failing captain, she canny take any more) you really can stick your head between your legs and kiss your ar*e goodbye. My feeling is that Jacinda is well aware of this. But can you imagine the mass panic if the general populace found out. It is better to distract with climate change, the gift that keeps on giving. From the “scientific papers” I have read recently:

    Warmer than normal weather – Man made climate change
    Colder than normal weather – Man made climate change
    Drier than normal weather – Man made climate change
    Wetter than normal weather – Man made climate change
    Movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles – Man made climate change (Yes this was a real paper and tried to blame the shifting weight distribution of the melting poles affecting the Earth’s crust which in turn affected the Earth’s core and, consequently, our magnetic field. Funny how it seems to have disappeared)
    Reduction of the Earth’s magnetic field – Man made climate change – see above

    However, I have seen far more plausible papers that show how our failing magnetic shields are one of the major causes of climate change.

    Then, when the SHTF, it can be blamed on climate change to keep the sheeple in their pens. Meanwhile, as far as the real threats are concerned, the powers that be will continue to deny, inveigle and obfuscate.

    I would suggest you be prepared. This government isn’t and they will not be there to help you when it does happen. I think Tricky Dicky is right. One way or another I think Mother nature is about to hand us an almighty butt kicking.

  7. Rick on 14/06/2021 at 10:27 am said:

    To folks who are feeling a need to prepare for a Carrington event occurring in this century, I urge you not to panic and act in haste, as doing that may end up putting everyone in a worse situation than we are already in. I think when we’re facing a novel perceived threat to global civilization like this one, it is important to stay calm and undertake to study and research the nature of the threat in depth and detail before trying to actually do anything to try to deal with it. I think what we need at this initial stage is information that will enable us to gauge how big the threat really is, how likely it really is to happen and what we might be able to do to counteract it if and when it does. Then we will be in a better position to construct an intelligent strategic plan that will cover all possible scenarios and have the best possible chance of success if and when we need to carry it out.

    • Esra Dral on 14/06/2021 at 10:36 pm said:

      Hi Rick,

      Have a look at the latest post from
      Something big may be about to happen on the Sun — “the Termination Event”

      Pretty good summing up

    • Rick on 15/06/2021 at 11:07 am said:

      Hi Esra,

      Thanks for that. Yes, very interesting. It’s a highly speculative hypothesis, of course, but at least we won’t have to wait long to find out whether a ‘Termination Event’ on the Sun will produce any damage on Earth and that should at least give us a better idea about what we can expect in future.

      I must confess that part of me relishes the thought of a fair-sized solar storm hitting us soon, as I cannot think of anything that could more effectively take out, in one fell swoop, all those monstrous wind farms that are springing up all over the place. I’m thinking that they probably would make excellent lightning-rods for a CME plasma-cloud to discharge its colossal energy through – well, some of it anyway.

      Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say….

  8. Brett Keane on 14/06/2021 at 7:33 pm said:

    Cheques are Promissory Notes, Stamp Dutied and all. Same as Banknotes in that both have promised value but it is a long time since we went off the Gold Standard ie not backed by anything but the Common Wealth eg productivity. That of course would be damaged by a Carrington Event but we cannot be sure of how much or how long. Expect worse than Covid so far….. Panic is always what kills and we did handle Covid well enough. Most failed Civilisations were taken down by Death of Many Cuts, not quickly. Cheers all the same, Brett Keane

  9. Esra Dral on 16/06/2021 at 9:57 am said:

    Kudos to the School Strike For Climate Change. They have declared themselves racist, white centrist and ignoring the needs of other marginalized races who are more badly affected by climate change. Here was me thinking that it was a global problem and we are all equally affected. As Saint Jacinda of the Covid declared, it is a matter of life and death, in direct contravention of her own proposed anti terrorism laws by the way. But what the wokerati have now done is to up the ante. Now you are no longer just a climate change denier, you are also, by inference, a racist and a bigot. Believe me, this is a movement that has real legs. Others will jump on the band wagon and the movement will grow as it is the perfect tool for cancel culture. It is then only a matter of time before sites like this will be closed down, not for rationally discussing climate change science, but as promoting racist hate speech. The perfect vehicle for closing down any opposition to man made climate change. I am only surprised it took them this long to figure out this angle. Fancy, being out maneuvered by a bunch of badly educated, easily lead little bed wetters. Well, whom ever it is behind them, pulling the strings on the puppets.

  10. Brett Keane on 18/06/2021 at 5:36 pm said:

    Esdra, sounds about right to me. However, we were gifted with free will and almost limitless capacity for innovative thinking for reasons of utility….. Likewise, many a time of ‘testing men’s souls’ has led to flowering of hidden talents. We seem stuck with this rubbish but I chuckle at a recent joke about climate warriors where Greta soon starts exclaiming ‘Eff’ climate, I’ve got a boyfriend now !’.

    However, every move is surveiled now, almost, or soon will be. So, creative thinking about readiness is needed but discretely.

    I see late August is the expected time for the US election fiasco to break open. Frankly, our Result is not credible either – a word to the wise re early postal voting being pushed.
    Brett Keane

  11. Brett Keane on 19/06/2021 at 7:59 pm said:

    Now it is time to totally wipe out CAGW: On WUWT we were debating various claims when I noticed something earth-shaking for various claimants. Be they purveyors of steel greenhouses or more standard postures.
    Studying Heliophysics seeking reasons for earlier signs of seasonal cold and hot anomalies such as now plague us (just a foretaste), I stood in shock at how the Heliophysicists see stellar ie solar, formation.
    They know that slow gravity anomalies create denser clumps that end up coalescing and heating as the gaseous fractions are compressed.
    This is because more atoms are pulled into a smaller space at an accelerating rate. Pure Newtonian Physics.
    This raises the average Temperature of each cubic volume of gas from its starting point of c.2-4K. More Kinetic Energy in each equal volume. Pure Maxwellian Physics.

    It was not hard to figure how many doublings are needed to reach thermonuclear Ignition near the Gas Cloud centre as Heliophysicists do. Such things as Uranium etc. content only alter timing. Gas compression under gravity is all that is needed. You see where this is headed, don’t you, and I eschew Copyright so it is all yours…..

    Anyway, we had long proven this Gravito-Thermal Effect at Tallblokes Blog (q.v.), and now it was obvious how Helio Science relied on it too. The claimed blanket effects etc of CAGW were long dead because of Einstein etc’s Quantum Science (q.v.) All measured Solar System bodies with atmospheres thicker than our Tropopause are temperature-controlled as measured and standing in NASA/JPL’s printed tables. By Air Pressures and distance from the Sun alone, no damn exceptions!

    Messrs Eschenbach, Spencer, Svalgard, etc grew and stayed silent after this, being fine and wise folk.

    So, in more ways than we thought, the Sun rules and it would be smarter if we were preparing for its effects on our jetstreams, magnetic Fields, and Ocean Heat Energy Content, We can do it but not by crippling our ability to feed ourselves as now proposed and commenced…… The Lemming response.

    Remember: All Molecules have Kinetic Energy (and Quantum Energy too). Terra Firma absorbs and reradiates some 80% of solar input to provide surface temperatures up to 60C, more if it is black, by Day. No so-called blanket can match that, even if Quantum Mechanics allowed it. If it did, we would have been atomised long ago (Rayleigh Catastrophe) Radiative effects are only a negative 4th power side effect of kinetic vibrations through an electric Field and do not interact with other gas molecules. These just bounce aroundmaintaining a space about 216 times their own volume which rises or falls against gravity according torelative densities That Radiative Effect idea is a misconception from the use of a purely theoretical “Black Box” Stefan/Boltzmann technique. This is useful theoretically but nonexistant in real life. It figures radiation max potentials from a solid surface with some tweakings IIRC. Gases not being solids have NO surfaces and molecules only interact kinetically with each other. Or solid boundaries. They vibrate about 2.5Billion times per second.
    What they do do in Atmospheres is instantly expand over large volumes when unconfined, which defines an Atmosphere. Gliders use local uplift to soar and pilots have died from wing loss or uplift to freezing and O2-short heights especially with aid from water vapour (half the density of air, so violently rising while also expending water phase change energy through two Phases. The Hauraki Plains are a place you can find out the hard way. WV can handle 10 times the current solar input of Energy to past the average heights needed for radiative exitance to the 2-4K of Space. All real experiments show zero “battery” effects from CO2 or anything else unusual, eg Berthold Klein Mylar bag experiments; Allmendinger Experiments. Greenhouses trap warmed air from escaping but it is warmed by the Ground alone. Kinetically not radiatively!

    And that is it!!! No GHE, Brett Keane

  12. ross on 23/06/2021 at 6:39 pm said:

    Very interesting from Earl Happ at The Linkage between cloud cover, surface pressure and temp. At the bottom of this article is a link to his most recent article as well, click on uncategorised for the second article

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