Can you help a fellow sceptic?

We’ve been approached by a Christchurch reader, sceptical of the prevailing global warming narrative, who would like to make contact with a climate sceptic.

If you live in Christchurch and don’t mind a little friendly climate discussion, drop a comment below and I’ll pass on your contact details privately. You may like to say a few words about yourself so he has something to think about.

Cheers and thanks. – RT

One Thought on “Can you help a fellow sceptic?

  1. Andrew on January 15, 2021 at 6:06 pm said:

    Richard – this sounds like a great idea to exchange thoughts!
    Can this invitation be extended into the waikato (for me) & or other regions with maybe an annual conference gathering for NZ’ders & the sharing of data/ thoughts or is that too much to organise?
    For me – i am happy to meet any locals for coffee / lunch & chew the fat as to how we could hijack some of the political meetings? I have tried to get ACT motivated into challenging recent Govt with regards to the recent letter to the PM – usual PC response!
    I have almost given up on National – no wonder David Bennett lost his seat!!
    I am now retired having spent a career working in the Agricultural sector in a practical, advisory & R&D capacity – i now convert CO2 & CH4 into lamb meat as a hobby!!

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