Tell the truth about climate, you’re rubbed out

Michael Shellenberger apologised for participating in the climate scare. Among the sites posting his lengthy apology was Forbes.

Next day, Forbes had a change of heart and now Shellenberger’s out of the picture. You can still read his account elsewhere.

Two lessons from this

  1. The truth about climate is no more scary than before — so it’s as scary as ever.

  2. Praise those who have the courage to say so.

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One Thought on “Tell the truth about climate, you’re rubbed out

  1. That’s a small step for a kind man, but, but, from the climate caper frying pan into the virus epidemic fire.
    How long before we are forced to have vaccines at the drop of a few fatalities? The WHO is not looking after our health, but what they’re about is yet to be fully revealed.

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