Our new abortion laws have fatal flaws

Family First’s latest newsletter. They ask us to help distribute it, which I’m happy to do because our government just removed protection for unborn babies without consulting us and acting in obscene haste under cover of the COVID-19 response.



As the new abortion laws were being rushed through Parliament in the week before we went into Lockdown 4, and while most of the world was focused on COVID-19 and how we could save lives, one of the things that the Government did very well (aided by a predominantly pro-abortion media) was to mask the true intent and effect of the law change, and to shut down any debate (including oral submissions) and amendments which would have made it slightly less extreme.

And because they did that job so well, many New Zealanders don’t fully understand just how extreme our new abortion law is, and how little protection is now afforded to the unborn child.

We’ve produced a two-page summary of the new law, its effect, and some of the amendments which were shockingly voted down by the majority of MPs. It appears that some MPs simply didn’t know what the amendments were and what the law change was about. Perhaps like most of us and the rest of the world, those MPs were focused on the virus and how we could save as many lives as possible – especially the most vulnerable.

So please take the time to download this free resource, share it with friends and families, and use it to ‘push back’ on the many myths and misunderstandings which seem to be circulating on social media and in the mainstream media. With knowledge, we can bring about change.

Download the 2-page PDF

This resource will also form part of our Value Your Vote resource which will be available in the next couple of months.

Thank you for standing with us as we stand for the rights of the unborn child and the welfare of the pregnant mum.

Kind regards.

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

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4 Thoughts on “Our new abortion laws have fatal flaws

  1. I suppose if a debate on race is admissable here then a debate on freedom of choice for the adults in the room is equally admissible. Let it also be on based on science. When I can have a conversation with a fetus I will admit it is one of us and defend its right to life. But not before.

    • Richard Treadgold on 05/06/2020 at 6:13 pm said:

      Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by.

      Are you serious? A conversation? Does this mean you don’t consider a six-month-old to be human? A conversation?!!

      What do you mean by a debate on race? What was the moot?

  2. Brett Keane on 05/06/2020 at 8:57 pm said:

    RT, I begin to see what you mean. Maybe some things ARE rotting in the state of denmark, under cover of Covid’s smoke. Parliamentary misuses of Power? Brett

  3. Several decades ago I opined that it is a matter for women to decide, unless a bloke happens to be pregnant perchance. However, as a medic, hypocritical oath and all that, I would think one has to think again. It would be better if a woman, or girl over the age of consent, were to do it all by herself, before or after consulting a priest or philosopher. That way it would be her choice and her choice alone.

    However, it takes two to tango. For a start, men who are against abortion- by which I don’t mean those men who object to being aborted as foetus, but who hate to see a potential slave to the system escape back into the blue yonder- they would obviously take care to not risk seeding new life if they weren’t sure it would be welcome and well-looked after. By putting so much political and emotional pressure on women who seek abortion, it is denied on a regular basis, if not the norm, that men should be responsible. It would be helpful if that were stressed alongside “We must save lives because a foetus cannot defend itself”.

    Then there are men in a relationship who accidentally or otherwise father a potential child and the woman carrying the potential baby would rather be rid of the potential ankle-biter, for whatever reason. Now, on this blog, it is about lying and cheating scientists and pseudoscience, but it would not go amiss to think this through. Do we want the government to arrange every aspect of our personal and individual and everything else business in the minutest details? Yes and no, it appears, depending on what’s in it for us personally.

    Do we want, in the West, Islam for men who fathered a child by their partner who doesn’t want to carry it to term? Meaning, the bloke wants to control his female partner, not being himself subject to Sharia otherwise. If you have an understanding, as a male, with a female partner and the female partner breaks the understanding, the contract, it is time to walk away. That means also walking away from your seed. Men, by their nature, sow it and walk away.

    The Bible, at least the O.T., has other ideas. Our culture has largely been shaped by the Roman Catholic Church and to a degree by the Protestant denominations. Looking around in our world, methinks Christianity has effed up big time. Who has been in charge of our psychological programming the last 1500 years? Think about it. Especially on a blog which has people struggling politically and semi-scientifically against the new priesthood and the new state-religion.

    Women feminists have been unable to resist being sucked in by the kleptocratic globalising totalitarians. Philosophically they are in their first week in kindergarten. Men have been at it for maybe five thousand years. Politically, feminists are slaves to the system. They get thrown their pet baubles to play with as long as they don’t buck the new-look old patriarchal new feudalist world order. They haven’t the gumption to think of a philosophy worth their aspirations and the exigencies of our time.

    So, it’s up to well-meaning males who are exercised by the loss of so many foetuses (not me btw. I think these souls aborted will have another chance when the world has regained its sanity. A foetus is a sentient being, but not aware in the same way after they are born. In fact, as we know, a lot of people will never become fully aware, even if they live out their three score and ten ) to fashion a philosophy which can successfully deal with the issues in this, and many another, regard. Complaining will get us dissenters against the Gramscis nowhere, if only because they are the shock troops doing the dirty work for the kleptocratic globalisers- and paid for it, and protected and looked-after as long as they are needed.

    The way to persuade women against abortion is to be supportive in any way possible. Don’t look to the government to micro-manage your personal affairs.

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