Coming soon — an Aussie bat epidemic?

How did God’s Own Country miss out on so many interesting terrifying creatures? Seems Australia got them all.

PM Morrison warns of health risks from China’s wet markets. He should also check Wuhan virus labs and cull fruit bats in Australia.

Many Australian towns and parks are infected by millions of messy, noisy fruit bats that can carry three viruses dangerous to animals and humans:

  • Hendra-virus (flu, etc.)
  • Lyssa-virus (like rabies)
  • Nipah-virus (encephalitis)

These bats wear Green “Protected Species” badges, but unprotected humans are exposed to their noise, smell, droppings, virus threats and damage to trees and orchards.

Do we want the next world plague to be called “The Oz-Bat Epidemic”?

Viv Forbes
Washpool   Qld,   Australia 4306

A few of the Australian towns enduring bat invasions:

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Nature is so noisy and stinky, a coal mine would be much more pleasant.


Tell that to the communist Chinese government, Simon. They’re burning coal faster than any other nation on the planet and are intending to burn it ever faster as they continue to build coal-fired power stations at a rate of knots until 2030 and perhaps beyond.

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