Herald silencing climate sceptics

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The Herald printed these letters on Saturday. Here is the letter (now slightly altered) I sent them that day, still unpublished as far as I know. The word count had to be under 200 words.

One cannot say much in just 200 words, but newspapers make it harder by not allowing multiple replies to multiple letters. Hence my achievement in replying to four letters, with extreme brevity, in the presence of the enemy and under fire from letter-writers on the one hand and journalists on the other, surely all but deserves the VC. Though some will demur.


Recently you had four letters of interest. Mary Hackshaw correctly blames bushfire fury on greenies with their dreamy-eyed crusade to preserve trees and their fallen debris but abolish firebreaks, inflating fire ferocity and fatalities. Knowing Aussies want to reinstate their old forestry practices.

Rob Buchanan says science is settled (it never is), our CO2 melts glaciers (implausible) and shortens burn time (false). Ferocious fires cover Australia, but the climate has barely warmed in 20 years so it’s not our CO2.

Jeremy Hall says climate scientists warned bushfires would happen because of global warming, but no: Aussie bushfires have occurred for at least 30 million years. He says sceptics think they know better than 9000 scientists, but no: we merely ask fair questions.

How does CO2 heat the ocean from above? What evidence shows CO2 causes dangerous warming (even the IPCC refuses to answer that one!)? Greta Thunberg’s childish grasp of climate lets her “see” CO2; she is shallow.

P.C. Laird revisits that hideously wrong, debunked paper that claimed 97% of scientists believe humans cause global warming. He says all the different models are accurate, when just one true model would be enough, yet the latest IPCC report admits 111 of 114 models run hot.


Richard Treadgold


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4 Thoughts on “Herald silencing climate sceptics

  1. Simon on 09/01/2020 at 2:19 pm said:

    The BoM Australian climate statement is eye-opening:

    You are correct that the statement that 97% of climate scientists believe humans cause global warming is incorrect, it is actually 100%:

  2. Andy on 09/01/2020 at 8:48 pm said:

    I enjoyed Rob Bucanan’s letter about rationing petrol and agree that if he is in a road accident then the ambulance should consider its fuel quota before taking him to hospital

    It’s a tough life out there. The climate is real, it’s here and it’s all caused by humans

    Without humans we wouldn’t know of climate, so it wouldn’t exist

    Let the people die on the roadside. What does Greta think?

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