Yes, it IS hard to believe there’s no evidence — so ask the IPCC yourself

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The influence of mankind on climate is trivially true and numerically insignificant. – Dr Richard Lindzen

It’s true. They have no proof.

So you say the science is settled, you trust 97% of climate scientists and you call me a denier. It’s hardly surprising and I sympathise with that view—we’ve been badgered over it for years.

But all we sceptics do is ask you, “What’s the evidence?” There’s no denial in that, so what’s your answer? If the science really is settled, what evidence is it based on? There’s been a tide of global warming propaganda for the last few decades, so if there was any proof we are causing dangerous warming, do you think they’d let us forget it? The fact that we don’t know what it is shows they don’t have any proof.

New Zealanders are generally level-headed and straight talking and they know the climate isn’t falling apart like the IPCC claim it is. They just don’t believe the warmster narrative.

A globe-encircling scandal

Regrettably, nobody has evidence for dangerous man-made global warming. If anyone tells you there is, ask them what it is—how does it happen, what’s the mechanism? Then please tell me.

I’ve asked the Royal Society to give me evidence and they gave me nothing.

They suggested I ask the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), so I did. They’ve no evidence either.

You’ve heard that 97% of scientists agree with man-made global warming. But it was a fraudulent study. It showed the consensus consisted of only 3% of climate scientists.

I’m not the denier here. Our foremost climate authority, the IPCC, has no proof of dangerous man-made warming. It’s a globe-encircling scandal.

The climate emergency is a fantasy, but the money it’s costing you is real

Don’t believe me, ask them yourself. Below you can get contact details for the IPCC Secretariat in Geneva, the RSNZ, the NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and the NZ Climate Change Research Institute. Or you might trust the Ministry for the Environment, though they gave me nothing and told me to ask the IPCC. So did their Minister, James Shaw—also the Minister for Climate Change.

If you’re keen to know the truth, you should do something, don’t you think? Check what I say with someone you trust. If you need a hand understanding their answer—whether you think it’s proof of the alarmist narrative or not—I’m happy to help, or I can put you in touch with knowledgeable and helpful scientists with the NZ Climate Science Coalition.

But don’t just forget it again. It’s costing you money already and it’s soon to cost you a whole lot more. To start with, about $3000 per household per year for the completely unnecessary Zero Carbon Bill.

But if our politicians get wind that we know there’s no good reason behind it, they will reconsider. We voters are the only ones who can achieve this.

Contact information

IPCC Secretariat, Geneva Email
Royal Society of New Zealand Contact page
NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre Email
NZ Climate Change Research Institute General Inquiries
Ministry for the Environment Email
James Shaw, Minister for the Environment Email

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