Shaw’s Green dreams, real-world needs

Donna Laframboise

Roger Pielke Jr. delivers the harsh, mathematical truth. Even if every person in the world thought abandoning fossil fuels made sense, even if every last government was committed to such a plan, the sheer size of the task would remain. He says the scale is mind-boggling.

In an entire year, a nuclear power plant is capable of producing 1 million tons of oil equivalent of energy – or 1 mtoe for short. Pielke says:

In 2018 the world consumed 11,743 mtoe in the form of coal, natural gas and petroleum … there are 11,051 days left until January 1, 2050. To achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions globally by 2050 thus requires the deployment of >1 mtoe of carbon-free energy … every day, starting tomorrow and continuing for the next 30+ years. Achieving net-zero also requires the corresponding equivalent decommissioning of more than 1 mtoe of energy consumption from fossil fuels every single day.

Pielke’s graph reveals the true scale of the oh-so-glib Paris Agreement. The red line shows the far steeper spending New Zealand will endure to have it done by 2030 — for Shaw — though it won’t be for sure (the rest of the world has to join in).

A grownup view would be that this is highly unlikely to occur. Anyway, so-called renewable energy means more enormous mines—how could it not?

Building a wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of non-recyclable plastic.

Solar panels, electric vehicles and the huge proposed batteries need more concrete, steel and glass, other metals, silver, indium and rare earth elements (they’re not actually rare, just evenly spread — no handy clumps for easy mining).

A non-green road to the Green goals of Paris

The childish dream of powering society entirely with renewable energy means the greatest expansion in mining the world has seen, producing huge quantities of waste.

Mining will skyrocket 1,200% or more — a decidedly non-green road to the Green goals of Paris.

Thank you, Dr Pielke. Read the original article at Forbes.

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Shaw sure is driven by ideology .
When it comes to powering a country the first requirement is brain power .
Just imagine kiwi build building power plants with government ministers in charge .
No more dams no coal ,no gas .no more oil and gas exploration .
We will all be driving drive electric cars but no one in the government has even stopped to calculate how much extra power will be needed to charge them all,
Shaw is doing his best to wreck New Zealands export industries and what comes after that ?
We rapidly need some brain power .
Graham Anderson
Proud to be a farmer feeding the world .

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