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We see mistakes in the Herald every day, but this morning there’s an inglorious language blunder from a sports reporter:

If the browbeaten All Blacks were expecting an easier time of it in the World Cup bronze match against Wales on Friday, they have another thing coming.

Of course, the expression is along this wise:

If they think [x, y or z], they have another think coming!

There’s not another thing in it. I hope someone tells him.

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Think is a verb. Thing is a noun.


My avatar represents diversity in the bear cupboard.

Actually I have always said “another thing coming” but maybe I’m wrong too. My father used to refer to “tooth combs”, which is something that you search for something with (it has to be a fine one though. As in “I searched for it with a fine toothcomb”

I never really got into combing my teeth

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