There’s science, then there’s the UN

Donna Laframboise writes:

The final wording of the summary for policymakers is being finalised in Paris by a gathering of experts and government representatives before the launch on Monday, but the overall message is already clear… [bold added by DL]

In other words, as happens at the IPCC, scientists are recruited to write a report. Afterward, they draft a summary known as the Summary for Policymakers (SPM). Then politicians and bureaucrats representing national governments attend a plenary meeting where the summary gets examined line-by-line and rewritten.

Fairy tales tell of turning straw into gold. The UN takes scientific summaries and transforms them into politically acceptable straw. The resulting document, which will be solemnly released today, is what a roomful of political operatives have all agreed to say out loud.

But it gets worse. Over the next few weeks, the text being summarized – the underlying, ostensibly scientific document – will also get changed.

I recommend you read the whole article; there are links to further information and it’s brief.

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6 Thoughts on “There’s science, then there’s the UN

  1. Gwan on 07/05/2019 at 12:46 pm said:

    Any one with an ounce of common sense can see for themselves that the 97% theme applies to the Policy Makers and the politicians and bureaucrats.
    Not scientists who should question shoddy science who are silenced such as Peter Ridd.
    The science of climate change has been hijacked by power brokers in the UN to demolish capitalism and socialize the world .
    If any of these so called scientists or policy makers or politicians really believed that CO2 is causing dangerous warming they would be calling for nuclear energy .
    They don’t and that alone proves that they want to destroy capitalism as all modern countries depend on cheap and plentiful energy to maintain their standard of living

  2. Ian Cooper on 07/05/2019 at 4:19 pm said:

    Very succinct Gwan. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to disprove the non-theory of increasing temperature driven by CO2 increases that blatantly obvious points like yours get missed! In the end those people are against anything that provides a better living standard that doesn’t include them calling the shots!

  3. Richard Treadgold on 16/05/2019 at 8:42 am said:

    Wow! That’s gotta hurt.

    The Environment Minister says:

    “It’s an industry,” he said of the environmental movement. “It’s an industry of consultants, an industry of lectures, an industry of seminars.”

    I thought that was going easy on the environmentalists, ignoring their main purpose, but then Jo quotes the President:

    “We cannot continue flirting with communism”

    It feels as though the pretence is being peeled back.

  4. Brett Keane on 19/05/2019 at 3:52 am said:

    And the light shone in. Brett

  5. Mike Jowsey on 10/07/2019 at 5:55 pm said:

    Flirting with communism or its ilk is death to innovation.

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