Brexit – what cliff?

We are ill-served by our news organs with overseas news, and what we get on Brexit is decidedly pro-Remain, so I’m pleased to present this commentary from Melanie Phillips. She quotes a Whitehall whistle-blower who discredits the chilling Remainer predictions describing a no-deal Brexit as a “cliff edge.” My interest? Advancing the cause of free speech and seeing the welcome return of “the inventor of political liberty” to that liberty. As well, if a real Brexit is achieved, the UK will be more able to abandon the economic wrecking ball that is EU climate policy. Germany just joined the eastern states on economic grounds in refusing to commit to “climate neutrality” by 2050; what revolt might be next? The human energies to be released by Brexit hint at decades of prosperity for millions—we among them.

Phillips opens

As this Brexit crisis has degenerated into a nightmare, with Remainer MPs making their no-holds-barred attempt to block Brexit while the prime minister tries to force through her dreadful and dishonest snatch-Remain-out-of-the-jaws-of-Brexit deal, I have been very moved by the messages readers have been steadily sending me demonstrating that amongst the public, Britain’s indomitable spirit has not been quashed.

Her conclusion

It can be seen from all of the above that – to quote a hackneyed phrase – as the clock ticks down to 29 March, there is nothing whatsoever to fear from leaving the EU without an agreement and reverting to WTO rules. These rules have been long-established, are universally accepted, and present no change at all for the majority of our exporters. Only then will the UK gain the leverage it needs to propose the kind of free trade deal with the EU that would maximise the benefits of Brexit – when control of our borders, law and money has been repatriated to these shores. – emphasis added (RT)

I encourage you to read the rest of Melanie Phillips’s newsletter. The synopsis from the whistle-blower is lengthy but illuminating and reassuring: it should settle anyone’s fears. It’s well captioned so you can pick out the topics that interest you.

Teresa’s Master Plan?

Who knows? This could be Teresa May’s master plan: a Blue Team, Red Team civil service battle to indulge the strong Remainer faction while she says what they want to hear and placates them for as long as possible, the Red Team stimulating public support for Leave until time expires and No Deal is triggered by default. The necessary legislation has been in place for several months and the UK and EU have both been quietly preparing for a no-deal ‘crash’ so all is well.

A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

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8 Thoughts on “Brexit – what cliff?

  1. Gwang on 24/03/2019 at 9:52 am said:

    Brexit came about because of a promise that the referendum would go ahead .
    Much to the Politicians surprise the majority voted to leave and the British Parliament has been dithering ever since .
    This why very few democracies hold referendums as politicians think that they know best and regard their electorates as ignorant .
    I wish the UK the best of British luck and the sooner they cut the ties with the EU the better.
    I will remind you all that some countries in the EEC did not want Britain in the first place and what they joined up with is very different than what they are attempting to divorce from .

  2. Many people around the world who have followed the Brexit saga will have found many clear correspondences with revealing or traumatic crucial elements in personal experiences where deep enduring doubts struggled with shocked disbelief and a host of other very unsettling emotions and thoughts when confronted with a situation which seemingly did not in any way admit of being resolved as a consequence of words, actions and imputations not conversant one with the other but all emanating from one source, though usually filtered through a small coterie of psychological-emotional dependents who are in the mental vice-grip of one person with a psychopathic character and personality traits which frankly baffle people who would be familiar with all or most of its conflicting emanations yet able to think for themselves apart from the strange mesmerising powers such psychopathic people exude.
    I’m sure there are people like me who have had such experiences, or rather, an experience, since one needs only one such an experience to wake up to this kind of phenomenon, even, or perhaps because, it may take years to unfold and decades to untangle and put in some kind of reasoned perspective.
    As for Theresa May, I cannot be the only one who said many months ago that she appeared insane. Somehow, she has many people onside. There maybe many underlying similarities with the influence of one other PM by the name of Tony Blair. However, as has been noted, insanity is rare in individuals, so maybe there is something else going on here, as in the AGW scam, which will remain a scam even if eventually it be found that there is a connection between what is now posited as climate change and fossil fuel use.

    The most maddening thing about being taken for a sucker by people you fully trusted from the day you were born is the gnawing doubts that what you see and hear cannot be true. This is a well-known element in such situations which is, as an added exponential form of mental abuse, cleverly taken advantage of by the abuser. The doubts never leave entirely in the abused if the abuser is successful in covering her/his tracks.
    In this case, May the PM could have her actions vindicated by claiming after the fact what she was aiming for all along. This will then be accepted by people who were mesmerised all along, or have never been able to think clearly due to any number or a combination of reasons, or who honestly could not imagine a person with the stature of May’s public persona being as duplicitous and refined in their manipulative lying and scheming as this PM now at long last appears.

  3. An addendum: When one looks at the performance of May’s governing, or lack of, thinking straight, would it not be clear that this is not how a government would behave, in this day and age, governing a country such as the UK? What possible explanation could there be, other than that it is a serious theatrical performance meant to teach the electorate what politics in the post-truth era is all about. May has been in a pas de deux with the EU top in which the EU top has been more than willing to expose itself. Is this hubris on the part of the EU, knowing they have got the power to push through their beloved federalisation project, or is it more like megalomania, or is it that the EU can see the writing on the wall for the EU and they might as well assist in its downfall? If the EU elite is/was still serious about making a success of it and keeping the EU going on an even keel, would they be as stupid as exposing themselves as they have for the unmitigated standover merchants that they obviously are? The mind boggles, but as has been remarked before; Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

  4. Kleinefeldmaus on 28/03/2019 at 11:58 am said:

    Theresa has pretended to deliver Brexit and knowing what she was doing – but like the egg ….

    Humpty May – with apologies to Lewis Carroll

  5. Kleinefeldmaus on 28/03/2019 at 1:12 pm said:

    At the risk of ‘drowning out’ this site with my own guffaws of derision over May’s so called determination to deliver Brexit I simply can’t help myself – but I promise (like Like Theresa) to deliver.
    ho ho

  6. KillerBean on 06/04/2019 at 12:00 am said:

    Pssst. We’re still in, they wont let us leave.

    Please send urgent supplies, we need MP’s with a spine.

  7. Richard Treadgold on 06/04/2019 at 9:06 am said:

    I wish I could help. There are too few making a stand for reason. I dread to think what could happen.

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