Moving the blog

Trying hard not to lose a call

Trying hard not to lose a call

When I started this blog over ten years ago I decided to host it temporarily on a subdomain of wordshine, just to see how it worked out. Well, it seems to be working fine so I’ve bought a permanent home for it. There could be glitches before we’re settled in, so pray patience, friends, while we make the move. When I say ‘we’ I refer to the nice boffin who hosts my domains in Hamilton.

The new domain is named simply, and I’ve owned it for several years (mustn’t hurry these things). Don’t change your links just yet, though; I’ll let you know if and when you have to. I want you to know we’re doing all we can to avoid losing any of you even for a moment.

Thanks for your patience.

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Mike Jowsey

Love the operator – is that your Hamilton boffin?

Richard C (NZ)

>”Do you like our new address?”

Yes, loads instantly. Links have changed automatically, didn’t notice until I looked at the URL.

Cute operator too.

Mike Jowsey

RC – “Cute operator too.” And her name is Aaron. Beautiful name too.

Mike Jowsey

RT – The new site is quick – I like it.

Richard C (NZ)

>”Hey, RC, do you mind if I delete your comment about temperatures? You could choose somewhere more relevant, but putting it here just looks weird. Let me know.”

Yes, delete it. I’ll put it in ‘Temperature Records’.

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