Bob Carter has died

Most readers will have heard by now that Bob Carter passed away in Townsville last night, following a severe heart attack last Friday. Our thoughts go to his family at this unutterably sad time.

Bob’s passing is a devastating blow for climate realists around the world who looked to him for counsel and leadership in the fight against the anti-science madness that passes these days for climate science.

About ten years ago, when I was beginning to look into global warming, as we still called it, Bob somehow found my web site and immediately wrote to me. He said you’re doing very well and how did we miss you? I was proper pleased, as though I had been allowed to sit at the top table. Bob instructed Terry Dunleavy to enrol us in the Climate Science Coalition forthwith. His words and enthusiasm are with me still, though he has gone.

He will be sadly missed, for a replacement must be highly improbable. Jo Nova has posted a wonderful tribute.

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Sad news. The tributes at Jo Nova’s are wonderful

Richard C (NZ)

I expect Bob Carter’s passing will be met with responses similar to John Daly’s (I’m alluding to the Climategate emails).

The Gillard/Flannery/Carter cartoon by John Spooner reproduced at JoNova is a classic. That’s this:×0.jpg

The tributes at JN speak volumes.

Rodney Hide

He was a great and wonderful man. A gentleman and a scientist. Condolences to his family. He meant a lot to many, many people.

Rodney Hide

Mike Jowsey

I always enjoyed Bob Carter’s presentations – unemotional yet compelling, logical and educational. Here is a good obituary:
“How Bob Carter cost me a career – and made me a better person”
hat-tip to Jo Nova

Richard C (NZ)

>”I expect Bob Carter’s passing will be met with responses similar to John Daly’s (I’m alluding to the Climategate emails).”

Sure enough, from Climate Depot

Sick: Warmist Scientist William Connolley Cheers Death of Climate Skeptic Dr. Bob Carter as an ‘advancement in science’ – Gloats: ‘Science Advances One Funeral At A Time’

Warmist William Connolley: ‘Today brings us news of another such advancement in science, with the reported death of Robert Carter.”


The expression “Science advances one funeral at a time.” is attributed to Max Planck

Nevertheless, The Stoat is somewhat off colour here


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