Monckton spell-binding again

Lord Christopher Monckton is tireless in discrediting climate deceit and refuting climate falsehood wherever he finds it. This time, a luckless denizen of the lower echelons of Yale is given cause to regret poking his head above the parapet. The unwary NYT becomes collateral damage. – Richard

NYT incautiously parrots climate falsehood

And pays the price

The Marxstream news media have always been champions of every passing totalitarian fad, however murderous. Hitler only got away with the slaughter of six million Jews because the Western news media fawned upon him and demanded appeasement almost until the first shots were fired in the Second World War. Likewise, the totalitarian Press fawned upon Communism, even as it killed 100 million in the 20th century alone, to such an extent that some papers could scarcely bring themselves to cheer when the Berlin Wall was torn down.

Naturally, therefore, they all signed up dutifully to the climate scam, the new and ingenious but false and intrinsically genocidal pretext for the global government centred on the UN that, barring a miracle, will be established in Paris this December.

Tiddlywinks and raffia

In support of this ghastly endeavour, the New York Times yesterday ran an outstandingly repellent op-ed article by a useless professor of tiddlywinks and raffia work at Yale, one Snyder (by name and nature) describing those of us who dare to question the climate scam as adopting “an intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s”.

Let us put that revolting and stunningly inapt comparison into its context. This is what the evil Snyder wrote and the New York Times (“all the junk that’s fit to debunk”) published, under the heading The Next Genocide:

Hitler spread ecological panic by claiming that only land would bring Germany security and by denying the science that promised alternatives to war. By polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, the United States has done more than any other nation to bring about the next ecological panic, yet it is the only country where climate science is still resisted by certain political and business elites. These deniers tend to present the empirical findings of scientists as a conspiracy and question the validity of science – an intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s.

I have no idea how much taxpayers’ money this egregious waste of space has accumulated over the decades. Every cent of it was wasted. Let us take apart Snyder’s tortuous attempt not only to deny that Hitler was a greenie but also to make out that he was somehow “anti-science”.

First, Hitler did not “spread ecological panic”: he exploited environmentalism as a method of ruthless control.

Batik and tie-dyeing

The National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany was the first in the world to adopt the “green” mantle, for Hitler and his goons were ahead of the pack in appreciating what Snyder and his overpaid, under-educated fellow goons in the batik and tie-dyeing department at Yale Kindergarten well understand: if you are arrogant enough to want to control the populace the “green” agenda – let us call it “Agenda 21” – is the very best programme to provide nonsensical excuses for the governing elite to interfere expensively in every tiny detail of our lives.

And Hitler’s problem was not that he “denied the science that promised alternatives to war”. He wanted war, and embraced the science that made it possible.

Knitting and crochet

The reason for Snyder’s more than usually dumb comparison was, of course, so that he could clamber on to the “global warming” bandwagon just as all the wheels are coming off. Snyder, plainly no scientist, labours under the elementary delusion that CO2 is “pollution”. For what does a Communist need to know about science? One thing and one thing only – the Party Line. And Snyder knows the Party line all right, for it is spouted interminably in the knitting and crochet-work department at Yale and Harvard and other places where they used to think and now merely chant currently-fashionable hard-Left slogans.

Snyder is, in effect, accusing the Republican Party and the few business interests not yet profiteering monstrously from the climate fraud of being as genocidal as Hitler. The truth, of course, is that the real genocide is happening unseen every day in Africa, where for a tenth of what we are already squandering on the non-problem that was “global warming” we could give everyone cheap, reliable, clean, fossil-fuelled electric power, lift them out of poverty, disease and death, and hence stabilize the population, minimizing its environmental footprint.

To get the scare going, the climate Communists made certain definite predictions that have just as definitely not come to pass. Those first predictions in 1990 were to the effect that by now there would have been almost three times as much global warming. It is legitimate, therefore, to raise questions about why there has been negligible global warming in the oceans throughout the entire 11 years of systematic measurement, and none at all in the lower atmosphere for 18 years 8 months, according to the satellites.

It is Snyder, then, who is anti-science – or would be, if he or anyone in the origami and card-tricks department at Yale were bright enough. All the predictions of doom in which he believes because they constitute the Party Line have been proven utterly false. All the ice gone in the Arctic by 2013: nope, it’s still there. Droughts increasing (Snyder’s hate speech is illustrated with a photo captioned to the effect that droughts are worsening): nope, the area of the globe under drought has been declining for 30 years. Sea level rise accelerating (Snyder’s article has a photo caption alleging that “in Bangladesh millions of people have been displaced by floods and the rising sea level”: nope, sea level off Bangladesh has actually fallen throughout the recent record. Storms increasing: nope, there’s been no land-falling hurricane in the U.S. for longer than at any time since records began, and global storminess has remained much the same throughout the satellite era.


Should Snyder have been allowed to preach so much malice and hate so openly, so mendaciously, and with so scandalously little intellectual rigour or moral justification? One might have hoped for better from the colouring-by-numbers department at Yale. Your Constitution, though, says hate speech is fine, and the Supreme Clots will uphold it as long as the speaker is Left-wing.

However, the New York Times, though it takes full advantage of the Constitutional right of free speech, has shown itself to be culpably determined not to allow any point of view but its own to be argued in its pages, particularly on any question – such as climate – that lies at the heart of the Communist party line that it espouses. Do not hold your breath for an early reply to Snyder’s goose-stepping in that once-great paper’s shabby columns.

Let us hope that the Grand Old Party will remember Snyder’s words of sheer, hate-filled wickedness and make absolutely sure that every penny that might otherwise have gone to the face-painting and dressing-up department at Yale in funding for any purpose is cut off and put straight back into the pockets of the hard-pressed taxpayers from which it was wrenched.

It is Snyder who is the little Hitler here. Like Hitler, he believes that only one point of view is permissible on the question of the hour. Like Hitler, he espouses what history will reveal to have been entirely the wrong point of view. Like Hitler, he accuses his opponents of genocide while advocating it himself by demanding that the U.S. should adopt the brutal, genocidal climate-Communist Party Line. Like Hitler, he uses the environment as a threadbare cloak for rank totalitarian advocacy. Like Hitler, he hates his own country enough to spit upon it and to wish to do it harm for absolutely no good reason. Like Hitler, he distorts the scientific truth and exploits it in an unprincipled fashion for the sake of spreading hatred. Like Hitler, he knows little or no science himself. Like Hitler, he flagrantly, knowingly, repeatedly, hatefully states the direct opposite of the objective truth.


What, then, to do about Snyder? No doubt there are still a few red-blooded Americans at Yale, mingling among the etiolated, apolaustic epicenes who mince about the place. Let them, passing Snyder as he scurries earnestly towards the stencilling-and-crayons department, throw him a mocking Nazi salute and, at the tops of their voices, yell “Heil Snyder!”

The odious Snyder deserves the minting of a new word. For there are two species of totalitarian Socialism on this planet, alas, and that shambling, bleating wretch is the very embodiment and quintessence of both. There is Communist Socialism, which believes that everything that moves should be nationalised and that everything that doesn’t move should be arrested or left to rust, and down with the United States. And there is Fascist Socialism, which believes in grinding the poor under its jack-booted heel and cosying up to big business and allowing it to be independent just so long as it toes the Party Line, and down with the United States.

Silly walks and cupcakes

The New York Times and its dismal professor of silly walks and cupcake-baking are Communists and Fascists rolled up into one. They are Fasmunists. It’s an ugly word for ugly people. Heil Snyder!

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6 Thoughts on “Monckton spell-binding again

  1. Good on you Christopher!

    I don’t often struggle to add anything … but … how can we forget the holocaust of some 1 million people in the colder months in the UK alone since this scam started with Hansen turning up the thermostat in congressional (?) hearings.

    The lancet reported 15x as many people globally dying from cold as heat. So, it looks like this UK pattern could easily be repeated globally, making the total number of extra deaths during this scam greater than the holocaust. Now, I wouldn’t want at all to downplay the horror of the Nazi treatment of the Jews and other groups, however, I have yet to see one newspaper report about what is potentially a larger number of cold related deaths.

  2. Richard C (NZ) on 13/11/2015 at 9:18 am said:

    Phew! No holding back there.

    [Snyder] – “These deniers tend to present the empirical findings of scientists as a conspiracy and question the validity of science”

    Actually we [non] “deniers” present the empirical findings of scientists [and the IPCC] as fact…….and as a consequence, question the validity of [the man-made conjecture of climate] science.

    Case in point (the primary case according to the IPCC):

    Theoretical man-made forcing is not changing the earth’s energy balance as conjectured. The theory is therefore invalid.

    >”And there is Fascist Socialism, which believes in grinding the poor under its jack-booted heel and cosying up to big business and allowing it to be independent just so long as it toes the Party Line, and down with the United States.”

    Have to disagree with Monckton here. The (Federal) US very much has had Fascist elements for about as long as its existence. Fascist symbols (“fasci”) are on the wall behind the Speaker of the House of Representatives on either side:

    In detail

    The bound sticks (“fascines”) represent people subservient to the axe in the centre. See detail image. I don’t think Lincoln would have approved of that depiction on his monument (or the monument either, which I’ve visited).

    The oak leaves are typical too. You find the same symbolism in Nazism. Rockefeller’s bank was financing Hitler’s war machine until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and were then stopped from doing so. US companies many older Americans with long memories would never sit in a Ford car, let alone buy one.

    Nowadays there are plenty of factions in the US that would prefer Fascist, totalitarian, theocratic, government. Obama is already circumventing Congress, the Greens, Socialists and Communists would be gung-ho, as would the Christian Right who (wrongly) want “dominion” over everything. The pope would endorse it of course. Even the Moonies want it.

    In the US when the subprime mortgage crisis hit, bank failures were socialized (bailed out with public money) but profits still privatized (“too big to fail”). In Iceland, the bankers have just been handed down prison terms.

    I don’t think Monckton has his finger on the pulse of this.

  3. Richard C (NZ) on 13/11/2015 at 9:31 am said:

    >”US companies many older Americans with long memories would never sit in a Ford car, let alone buy one”

    Oops, something went wrong in editing, should be:

    US companies had manufacturing plants supporting wartime Nazi Germany that were never bombed (e.g. Dupont, think “DuPont Circle” Washington DC). The Fords were outright Fascists, many older Americans with long memories would never sit in a Ford car, let alone buy one

  4. Richard C (NZ) on 13/11/2015 at 11:21 am said:

    >”think “DuPont Circle” Washington DC”

    Alluding of course to the occultic layout of the Federal city. The DuPont Circle forms one point of the pentagram:



    More here:

    Washington D.C. and Masonic/Luciferic Symbology.

    “Now look for a moment at the circles which comprise the points of the Pentagram. Washington Circle, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle comprise four of the six points of the Pentagram. The only point which is not a circle or a form of a circle is Mt. Vernon Square. We shall return to the discussion of the importance of the square to the occultist, but let us now concentrate upon the circle.

    It is no secret as to why the Masonic architect chose to use circles as four of the points of the Pentagram. As Goodman states in his book, Magic Symbols, “without doubt, the circle is the most important of all units in magic symbolism, and in almost every case where it is used, the circle is intended to denote spirit, or spiritual forces”. Therefore, we can know with certainty that these circles of this Pentagram were used to denote powerful spiritual forces. And, of course, these spiritual forces are from Lucifer.

    # # #

    “It is no secret”. One nation under God? I don’t think so. Fascism and occultism more like.

    Hitler was fond of the occultic Straße des 17. Juni in Berlin (17th of June Street) for his power speeches. So have been US Presidents Reagan and Obama. Obama even gave a similar salute:

    “Obama, who stood in front of it [“Siegessäule” – Berlin Victory Column] and saluted the German audience in a way eerily similar to what Adolf Hitler used to do, followed by thousands returning the salute, which is against German law.”

    See photo

    Not saying all of the US Federal system is occultic and fascist but there certainly is an undercurrent.

  5. Mike Jowsey on 13/11/2015 at 3:54 pm said:


  6. Andy on 13/11/2015 at 8:42 pm said:

    I do wish Lord M would stop bagging Marxists.

    Groucho is my favorite philosopher, and an endless source of great quotes.

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