So VW cheats to join the fraudulent climate change fight

Who is the greatest climate criminal?

Beginning in the mid-1990s, mindful of their commitments to cut carbon emissions, Europe’s governments embarked on a prolonged drive to convert their car fleets from gasoline to diesel. With generous use of tax preferences, they succeeded. In the European Union as a whole, diesel vehicles now account for more than half of the market. In France, the first country to cross that threshold, diesel now accounts for roughly 80 percent of motor-fuel consumption. But the switch to diesel probably didn’t cut greenhouse gases. VW may have perpetrated one of the biggest frauds in corporate history. Europe’s clean-diesel strategy, which set the scene for that fraud, may be the most expensive mistake in the history of environmental policy. —Clive Crook, Bloomberg, 23 September 2015

hat tip: Global Warming Policy Foundation

Whose crime is greatest: Volkswagen’s, for stooping to deceit, or the IPCC-led perpetrators and supporters of the man-made climate change swindle, which alone made the cheating possible?

If you consider the magnitude of the resources squandered by the IPCC and VW, you would probably agree that the man-made climate change boondoggle diverts vastly greater sums from national treasuries than VW’s paltry adventure.

Both parties are superficially motivated by the desire to save the world even though neither of them could succeed, since the world’s in no danger. If the party that created the whole crazy climate change circus deserves the title of greatest climate criminal, the well-known acronym would acquire a more appropriate definition:

IPCC: Ingenious Perpetrators of Climate Crime

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