Plug pulled on extraordinary site activity

I may never know what caused the outage, but much of the activity originated in China.

Checking on the blog late last night, my heart sank when I saw a notice in garish colours (that was bad, but it wasn’t the worst part) saying “This account has been suspended.”

Both my sites were down, along with the email. I imagined people around the world contemplating undeserved doubts about my ability to pay the bill.

Today, after webmail discussions with my hosting provider (they don’t accept telephone calls, but they are wonderfully inexpensive) and puzzling over my email settings, everything was running again.

The server software automatically suspended my sites (wordshine and fastproof) after the activity spiked to over 13 GB in just a few hours. The sites were moved to another server. What were they up to in China?

I’ll probably never find out, but I’m sorry for the disruption and it’s all back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

Well, my additional apologies!

After posting this piece explaining the outage, I went to read it online, as I usually do, just to make sure it worked properly. What further horror to discover that it and all the other posts gave a 404 Not found error!

The gremlin lay in the way WordPress codes its title links and fortunately was the work of moments to rectify, but I apologise to those who might have been frustrated all afternoon.

Well, back to the writing again!

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There seem to be a lot of denial of service attacks on NZ blogs at the moment.
Whaleoil was the most prominent one recently

Mike Jowsey

Sounds like Cyber-Weirding to me. Probably due to a build up of stray carbon atoms in cyberspace.


Gives me another shameless plug opportunity for the wife and mother in law who are on Campbell Live tonight, talking about the earthquakes and flooding

I thought you’d said Monday and spoiled half an hour listening to an emotional roller coaster. I’m not a fan of tabloid in-depth news presentation. But I’ll try again tonight!


Yes, sorry it was supposed to be Monday, now today

We have got the insurance companies by the short and curlies though. SHould be fun.

Especially with a Mayor of ChCh that believes that 1 metre of sea level rise by 2100 is “likely” and that is what the whole of NZ should adopt as their planning standards

The inmates are truly running the asylum


Well, Campbell had good news at the end that your flood cover was reinstated, but, honestly, I don’t know how you’ve all stayed sane through that. It’s an horrific tale.


The bit at the end about re-instating flood insurance came about as a phone call from a head at the insurance company after hearing that we were on Campbell Live

Even so, it doesn’t make the problem go away. The house will still get flooded every time there is heavy rain.

There is so much wheeling and dealing between government, EQC, CERA, and insurance companies, the punters are getting left out somewhere along the line

And in the other corner, the usual suspects are wailing about “climate change’ in all this

Richard C (NZ)

>”And in the other corner, the usual suspects are………..”

They are idiots. There is no climate-change-driven SLR. And what natural SLR there is is nothing to even bring into this situation because it’s far less over century scale than what the earthquake did in an instant.

I heard something like – “the locals will tell you the ground fell half a metre”.

ChCh is the opposite to what happened at Napier. It could happen either way at Whakatane or Papamoa if an earthquake struck there. Not so bad if the land rises but if land plots are no longer habitable where land fell then the EQC should address that pronto. Obviously not after 3 floods in 3 years – 1 was too many. What took so long?

But at least there’s Ultra-Fast Broadband up the street now – that might speed up the process.


There’s another storm tracking down due to hit ChCh this weekend

Another flood in the offing?


It’s not hard to see the problem with this part of ChCh. The city is interlaced with streams that drain the water out of what is a former swamp

The stream closest to the Flockton Basin area is the Dudley Stream, which has been quite badly affected

The council engineers are working on a plan to dredge and re-shape this stream, but apparently this will take up to two years to complete

The outcome of this is uncertain too, since there is no guarantee that they will not create bigger problems elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the local residents get flooded every time there is heavy rain

“Fast tracking” land claims means paying out so people can leave

Richard C (NZ)

>”It’s not hard to see the problem with this part of ChCh……..”

>“Fast tracking” land claims means paying out so people can leave”

This being the rational assessment Andy. Probably most folks know both problem (after just 1 flood they would) and solution.

Unfortunately not everyone is rational – even in leadership.


EQC, Gerry Brownlee and co don’t want to budge because it could open a potential “floodgate” (no pun intended) of claims.

When the Sept quake happened, EQC were throwing around money like a lolly scramble.
Like all great socialist ventures, they fail when they run out of other peoples money to spend.

The red zone process was really a taxpayer bailout of insurance companies (in my view).
I suspect that a deal was struck to limit the worst of the liability and let the NZ taxpayer pick up the tab.

This deal has been done now and there is no need for any more red zoning. EQC and insurance can shuffle papers all day long, the mayor can prattle on about climate change, and nothing gets done

It will take up to two years to remediate the creeks that drain the city, and until that happens, the properties will continue to flood.


Judging by this we are in for some more wild weather and flooding in ChCh

Cripes! I can hear your collective cry of “give us a break!”

Ian Cooper

The latest prognosis from MetVUW isn’t looking so bad for Chch. Because the centre of Lusi is moving so far west of the N.I. before making landfall on the West Coast (S.I.) we here in the L.N.I. west coast are copping only strong easterlies and no rain except for some on the main ranges. This will not be the drought breaker that many around here are hoping for, nor will it bring dangerous flooding that it may have done if the centre had passed directly down the spine of the N.I.

Richard C (NZ)

>”Both my sites were down [wordshine and fastproof], along with the email. I imagined people around the world contemplating undeserved doubts about my ability to pay the bill.”

That was my first thought RT – you wouldn’t jeopardise your livelihood, something else was going on and a serious threat to your work.

Not being alone in your predicament is cold comfort I suppose.

No, not too cold at all. Thanks.

Bob D

Greetings from San Francisco. I leave the country for a few minutes and everything breaks down. Tsk.

Shows how necessary you are.


Richard Branson calls for “climate change deniers” to get out of the way

I wonder if this includes well known sceptic Burt Rutan who designed SpaceshipOne for him?

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