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  1. Andy on 14/03/2013 at 11:24 am said:

    Tom Wigley says Naomi Oreskes’ work is ‘useless’

    Merchants of Doubt author Naomi Oreskes claimed in a 2004 study that 75% of published studies supported “the consensus” while the remainder expressed no view.


    date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:16:40 -0700
    from: Tom Wigley
    subject: Re: [Fwd: Your Submission]
    to: Phil Jones


    This is weird. I used Web of Knowledge, “create citation report”, and
    added 1999 thru 2009 numbers. Can’t do you becoz of the too many PDJs

    Here are 3 results …

    Kevin Trenberth, 9049
    Me, 5523
    Ben, 2407

    The max on their list has only 3365 cites over this period.

    Analyses like these by people who don’t know the field are useless.
    A good example is Naomi Oreskes work.



  2. Alexander K on 14/03/2013 at 12:17 pm said:

    My mind is still boggled by the volume of info available, much of which must be thrusting the Hockey Team into full defence/defiance mode!
    Mr FOIA is obviously a very brave and moral person, but wait for the hate that will be dumped on him by the denizens of blogs such as that awful local Hot Thingy.

  3. Richard C (NZ) on 14/03/2013 at 12:57 pm said:

    From the language, certainly not Anglo-Saxon… or British.

    Mar 13, 2013 at 3:53 PM | Unregistered CommenterJiminy Cricket [BH]

    • Mike Jowsey on 14/03/2013 at 4:03 pm said:

      That’s right; no conspiracy, no paid hackers, no Big Oil. The Republicans didn’t plot this. USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK. There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.

      Could he be a kiwi?

    • Richard C (NZ) on 14/03/2013 at 4:32 pm said:

      >”Could he be a kiwi?”

      I don’t think so Mike. I’m guessing a Unix-for-life guy (\) in his 50s (i.e. not the “hacker” type) from the ex-Soviet bloc where DOS PCs wouldn’t have been prevalent (I’m guessing). Went IT contracting in England when the wall came down.

    • Mike Jowsey on 14/03/2013 at 6:07 pm said:

      yes, reading comments at WUWT I would agree some European or Baltic origin is more likely. Some comments express the fear that Mr.FOIA has given too much away. triangulation of country, timeframe and other clues may pinpoint his identity. Which revelation might have various results, but would be a smokescreen for the Team to hide behind.

      Interesting times.

    • Interesting times indeed. The Hidden War, it has been described, because 99% of the world don’t know or don’t care about it, yet so much is at stake for everyone.

    • Richard C (NZ) on 14/03/2013 at 6:45 pm said:

      >”European or Baltic origin is more likely”

      I’ll go with Czech, Slovak or e-Stonian and leave it at that.

      He certainly executed the release magnificently whoever he is and great to have his perspective. Given the extended winter in Europe right now (to say the least) he probably thought offloading was best before the whole scare implodes completely.

  4. Andy on 14/03/2013 at 2:50 pm said:

    Tom Fuller –

    I don’t want to get all meta and ironical and stuff, but am I the only one who finds it amusing that the same week a brand new and improved Hockey Stick chart gets inflicted on us all that we are also inundated with 200,000 Climategate emails?

    Next thing you know some former vice president will get caught with his hands on a masseuse and a respected scientist will be busted for faking the strategy documents of some heartless lobbying group.

    I’d paw through the emails myself but I already had 1,273 unread messages in my inbox.

    And I’d get a bit snarky about Marcotte et al but why bother when McIntyre is probably going to unload on it any day now–unless he gets trapped inside those emails…

    Let me know how it all turns out, okay? I’m going to bed.


    • Richard C (NZ) on 14/03/2013 at 3:14 pm said:

      >”a brand new and improved Hockey Stick”

      An anatomy of a bogus hockey stick

      For this example, the non-hockey stick Central England Temperature (CET) dataset will be used to create an imaginary hockey stick of CET temperatures, similar looking to the one presented by the Marcott et al. study.


      # High resolution annual temperature data was then spliced to the low resolution data (remember, the 100-year average of monthly observations)

      # Then the built-in Excel averaging tool was applied to the entire spliced dataset

      # Voila, the needed very scary, spiked blade is produced and seamlessly “attached” to the smoothie-handle

  5. John Robertson on 14/03/2013 at 5:04 pm said:

    FOIA expresses concern that the password be limited access, to avoid accidental harm to parties named in these emails and family members of the team.
    FOIA, gave them two chances to back away from their deceit and come clean.
    Did they?
    These people, this key group, have enabled the biggest swindle in our lifetime, the harm they are complicit in,is incomprehensibly vast compared to any fallout for their loved ones.
    All of these individuals had the same ethical decision that FOIA faced, they chose.
    So why should anyone have concern for possible hurt feeling amongst their loved ones?
    Their allies have been quite explicit in what they wish for ours.

    • Andy on 14/03/2013 at 5:41 pm said:

      There may be potentially sensitive commercial information not paid for by taxes.
      I imagine, other than pure altruism, fOIA may be covering himself from lawsuits.

      The speculation over at WUWT is at fever pitch. Lewandowsky and Cook are probably writing another recursive paper as we speak.

  6. Not much reaction from Warm-o-land, but Mike@WatchingTheDeniers (Aussie) has put his head above the parapet


  7. David on 15/03/2013 at 8:26 am said:

    I would wager “Mr FOIA” is a woman.

  8. Richard C (NZ) on 15/03/2013 at 10:03 am said:


    “Mike’s Nature trick seems to be now a standard practice in paleo reconstructions”


  9. David on 15/03/2013 at 12:24 pm said:

    ralfellis says:
    March 13, 2013 at 8:34 am
    Spasiba Svetlana for releasing the key. Paka.

    Just noticed this comment on the WUWT thread.. Its pretty well established that most woman use mens names as nom de plumes when blogging.

  10. Richard C (NZ) on 16/03/2013 at 12:08 pm said:

    “I am sure our Minister for the Environment, Simon Upton will like it, as he was getting frustrated at the industry lobbey, and the pro-industry press in NZ.”

    The e-mail is below.


    cc: n.nicholls@bom.gov.au, m.manning@niwa.cri.nz
    date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 07:11:46 +1300
    from: j.salinger@niwa.cri.nz (Jim Salinger)
    subject: TV Stars!!
    to: ckfolland@meto.gov.uk, p.jones@uea.ac.uk, m.hulme@uea.ac.uk
    Dear Chris, Phil and Mike
    I see you are now competing with Neville, except none of you were labelled
    the ‘father of global warming’.
    Well done – the NZ media is running hot, and it was nice to see you all on
    BBC World at 6 am this morning, as the lead story “British Scientists are
    about to announce that 1997 is on course to be the warmest year on record”
    and that “a change in climate is happening”. I liked Chris showing curves
    of warming in the South Pacific, and Mike you looked very much like the
    Pope making very authoritive pronouncements!
    We have re- released the material this morning, and it is now the No 1 item
    on Radio New Zealand news. This is very refreshing after all the recycled
    bunkem the skeptics have been putting out this week before Kyoto, and I am
    sure our Minister for the Environment, Simon Upton will like it, as he was
    getting frustrated at the industry lobbey, and the pro-industry press in
    Neville probably hasn’t told you, but Australia seems to be recording
    regularly 45 C somewhere in the continent – these must be near records for
    the time of year.
    Must away, but well done.
    Antipodean Jim
    Dr Jim Salinger Tel: (+64 9) 375 2090 (office reception)
    NIWA, Tel: (+64 9) 375 2053 (direct dial)
    269 Khyber Pass Road Fax: (+64 9) 375 2051
    Newmarket, Auckland E-mail: j.salinger@niwa.cri.nz
    Postal Address: P. O. Box 109 – 695
    Auckland, New Zealand


  11. Warwick Hughes on 16/03/2013 at 3:21 pm said:

    I have just posted on the New Zealand drought – with a graphic. Hoping somebody here has something better.
    Rainfall history to help see the New Zealand drought in perspective

    So many Gems emerging in CG3 – wow 45° in Oz – end of life as we knew it.

    • Warwick’s work needs a wider audience I feel, given the propaganda from Renwick et al over the last few days

  12. Richard C (NZ) on 17/03/2013 at 3:25 pm said:

    Steve M:-

    “I will return to details of the uptick later. For now, I’ll close with this graphic showing the NHX and SHX reconstructions against the GLB reconstruction shown as the Marcott base. While one expects a difference between NHX and SHX in the Holocene, the remarkable difference between NHX and SHX not just in the 20th century, but in the 19th century is a source of considerable interest. According to Marcott, NHX temperatures increased by 1.9 deg C between 1920 and 1940, a surprising result even for the most zealous activists. But for the rest of us, given the apparent resiliency of our species to this fantastic increase over a mere 20 years, it surely must provide a small measure of hope for resiliency in the future.”


  13. Richard C (NZ) on 17/03/2013 at 3:46 pm said:

    Climategate 3.0: MetOffice rebukes UEA for claiming global warming causes extreme weather


    Climategate 3.0: ‘I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about 1000 years ago’


    Climategate 3.0: Mann — Internet is the ‘downside of absolute freedom of dissemination’


    Climategate 3.0: Climategater to World Bank – Economic damage estimates from global warming should be ‘treated very skeptically’; ‘Our methodology is so flaky’


  14. Richard C (NZ) on 18/03/2013 at 12:51 pm said:

    Climategate 3.0: Mann to Revkin — ‘McIntyre and McKitrick paper is pure scientific fraud’


    Climategate 3.0: Phil Jones tries and fails to have skeptic Dick Lindzen’s comments removed from draft IPCC chapter


  15. Warwick Hughes on 19/03/2013 at 6:51 am said:

    Just added century long rain history charts for Waiuku, Ruakura and Napier
    Rainfall history to help see the New Zealand drought in perspective
    Hard to see the current dry period as exceptional.

  16. Simon on 19/03/2013 at 8:38 am said:

    The conspiracy theorists have turned on Anthony Watts because he won’t release the password 🙂

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