Carbon emissions could slow for decades

Only in the USA

Carbon Emissions Projected to Remain Flat for Decades – Forbes.

So the good news is the alarmists might be slightly pleased and quieten down a bit.

The bad news is the price of slowing the pace of the Western industrial miracle that’s been relentlessly pulling the world out of poverty, ignorance, sickness, early death and misery for over two centuries.

Will the alarmists reflect on the poverty, lack of medical care, loss of education and general reduction in levels of happiness this will bring?

Anyway, this slow-down concerns emissions only from the US. Considering they emit less than China does, it can’t make much difference to the global climate.

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7 Thoughts on “Carbon emissions could slow for decades

  1. Richard C (NZ) on 25/12/2012 at 8:36 am said:

    USA’s culpability for which they must pay up retroactively was committed post WWII until they were overtaken by China i.e. they are not absolved by the present situation RT.

    This is common knowledge among those demanding climate change loss and damage reparation; something I’m sure you will catch up with in due course.

  2. Clarence on 28/12/2012 at 11:16 am said:

    The Forbes article deals only with USA emissions. This is no surprise, as they have been declining quite quickly over the past decade – since the advent of shale gas. It is ironic that US emission reduction has handily exceeded that of Europe throughout the entire Kyoto Commitment Period.

    But China will continue to open a new coal-fired power plant each week, and India is ramping up to a similar level. There should be plenty of growth in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 over the next 40 years and that will ensure increases in crop yield to feed the additional 3 billion population.

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