Key ‘culturally ignorant’ – next will be ‘denier’

Yesterday, on Marae Investigates, Mr Morgan was asked what he thought about Mr Key saying the King was wrong about Maori owning the water. He replied: “That once again says the Prime Minister is culturally ignorant, and that’s unfortunate.”

via King’s spokesman calls Key ‘culturally ignorant’ – NZ Herald News.

Next thing you know, they’ll be calling Key a “denier”. Then all who oppose them.

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2 Thoughts on “Key ‘culturally ignorant’ – next will be ‘denier’

  1. Andy on 17/09/2012 at 1:34 pm said:

    the NZ Herald has described the outcome of the court case as “refreshing”

    They also go onto say:

    Part of the reason for this outcome is the professional communications approach employed by the climate sceptics. Scientists have not been able to compete with this

    This is pure, unadulterated drivel. NIWA had Network PR working for them (at the taxpayers expense). Which PR company was working for the NZCSC?

    Furthermore, the PR/propaganda for the “consensus” is huge. Sceptics are largely self-funded.

    The Herald is either delusional or deliberately lying to its readership.

    • Richard C (NZ) on 17/09/2012 at 2:25 pm said:

      “pure, unadulterated drivel” – Yep.

      I made a few points re the premature pre-appeal (if any) pronouncement and this:-

      “Justice Venning said Niwa had applied “internationally recognised and credible scientific methodology””

      Apart from that my comment (not posted yet) was that there was so much garbage in the article that it wasn’t worth wasting time analyzing.

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