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The daily bayonet’s weekly roundup of Global Warming news


Richard C (NZ)

Trenberth is digging his hole even deeper. I was of a mind that he might be the first of The Team to see sense – nope.

“Given that global warming is “unequivocal”, to quote the 2007 IPCC report, the null hypothesis should now be reversed, thereby placing the burden of proof on showing that there is no human influence.”


Richard C (NZ)

“Unfortunately, society is not ready to face up to these challenges and the needed changes in the way we create order and govern ourselves” – Kevin Trenberth, COMMUNICATING CLIMATE SCIENCE AND THOUGHTS ON CLIMATEGATE

I think I’ve heard this before but from a different sector. Lets see……

“The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991

Soon everyone will want to be a totalitarian. How can that work?


Nice cartoon from Josh on the Trenberth theme



Steve McIntyre has a series of posts on the recent statements from Trenberth


Seems a bit of plagiarism has been happening too, in addition to the usual offensive language.


Brenan O’Neill of Spiked Online writes a piece on the Brisbane floods:

Did Australia’s obsession with global warming contribute to the Brisbane floods?


In the spirit of the thread, here is some holiday reading by the same man reviewing one of James Delingpole’s books

How to be a ‘hippy fascist’
James Delingpole, author of an ‘essential guide to making lefty liberals history’, talks to spiked’s editor about ‘posho greens’, Glastonbury and his fear of revolution.
by Brendan O’Neill


Richard C (NZ)

There’s been some brainless actions as a result of the drought fixation. Building houses with slab foundations on a flood plain is asking for trouble. Not for nothing is a traditional Queenslander house up on stilts. For the Wivenhoe dam (dual purpose – water supplyflood mitigation) controllers to leave the dam near full on the Friday then just go home for the weekend only to come back on Monday and open the gates on top of the flood is negligent. I’ll be surprised if there’s not class actions at least. TV1 ran a piece on the Queensland floods featuring Prof Manning, Victoria University’s Director of Climate Change Research. http://tvnz.co.nz/world-news/scientists-see-climate-change-link-floods-3997567 “The warming of the whole planet is putting more water vapour into the atmosphere, so when these events occur now, we do expect more rain may well be coming out because of global warming,” Manning said. “Climate change is a lot more than changing the average temperature. It’s actually pushing into new weather patterns and they do consistently come up as more extreme, both directions, both wetter and drier.” I wonder what he attributes the 1974 and 1917 floods to? Also Neville Nicholls of… Read more »


Things are looking pretty bad for the Queensland Govt, if you believe this report from Richard North


Richard C (NZ)

Yet the policy of the Queensland Government was to keep the dams full because of their advice from the likes of Tim Flannery et al. This was that, because of global warming, Queensland was going to remain in drought.

Tim Flannery was Australian of the Year, 2007 and “et al” includes CSIRO and BOM but not Prof Manning because he is in a different camp that espouses – “we do expect more rain may well be coming out because of global warming”.

So there’s two camps: “et al” and “we”. The “we” camp has found full voice after a strange affliction that allowed them to pronounce “drought” but not “rain”. It’s good to see that the “we” folks have had their full vocal range restored – it must be one of the amazing healing properties of water. Just a pity their semi-mute period cost Queensland and Victoria a desalination plant each, although I see Queensland has quietly mothballed plans for theirs.

Richard C (NZ)

NZ Herald has consulted the “Experts”

“La Nina, global warming to blame for floods”


“Experts blame a combination of a La Nina weather pattern and global warming for the magnitude of the Queensland flood disaster.”

Search on the internet for – Queensland flood history

Second item on the first page returned is this BOM page


* Queensland Flood History :
Pre-1860’s 1860’s 1870’s 1880’s 1890’s
1900’s 1910’s 1920’s 1930’s 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s
2000’s 2010’s

Click on “1910’s” for a sample.


Not as if high “magnitude” floods are a new phenomenon.


Nice bit of holiday money for Nicholas Stern, 400,000 Euro to be precise
($700,000 NZD)


Amazing that this award comes from Spain, a country that has suffered as a result of green energy policies.

Richard C (NZ)

“Climate change economics is the next industrial revolution” – yep, right after climate change advocacy, climate change bureaucracy, climate change [insert rort here].

Certainly paying handsomely for one economist at least.

If Stern thinks Spain has “woken up to the benefits” then either: Stern is dreaming, Spain is extremely deluded or “benefits” has a new definition.

Given the source of the award, “Spain is extremely deluded” seems to be the best assessment. I’m discounting “Stern is dreaming” because I think he knows exactly where his bread gets buttered and I haven’t heard that “benefits” has been redefined, although that is not out of the question.

Richard C (NZ)

“Stern at the frontiers of knowledge” according to Bryan Walker.

Self imposed frontiers, but frontiers nonetheless.


BBC’s bias on Global Warming


Links to YouTube video

Worth a watch, especially for newbees


and it’s worth watching the full video. The sting is in the tail.


This comment on Judith Curry’s blog is worth a read:
(linked from CA)


I worked at Goddard for most of 42 years – with the atmospheric scientists. And I talked to them. One talks about a lot of different subjects while waiting through a spacecraft thermal-vac test or waiting for a spaceraft science data dump or working through science instrument schedules or problems or waiting for a design meeting to start or over lunch at a conference. And one of those subjects was global warming. And the opinion of nearly all of those atmospheric scientists was that the theory was flawed and the data did not support it to any great degree. But they dared not express those opinions officially or publish anything of the sort if they wanted to keep their jobs and careers. “Grand conspiracy”? No – just “sit down and shut up and don’t rock the boat or we’ll throw you out to drown on your own”.

(not so) Silent


“No – just “sit down and shut up”

Yes, well, watch this……

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