Urgent public meeting – reject the ETS now!

John Boscawen has issued a notice which has just reached me. I urge everyone to send it on to family, friends and colleagues. This is your chance to be heard by the government.

Do you want to see all prices rise after July 1?

On July 1, the most pointless tax ever inflicted on New Zealanders will come into force.

It’s called the Emissions Trading Scheme. And it will make not the slightest practical difference to the Earth’s climate.

carbon emissions

BUT it will make a HUGE difference to your household budget. Whether you believe in global warming or not, all New Zealanders should be asking why we are the only country in the world to be forcing economy-wide cost increases on all its citizens. For no genuine reason!

Cost increases that will make it harder for our businesses and exporters to compete. And cost essential jobs.

* If you live in Auckland, Hamilton or Christchurch, come to an URGENT PUBLIC MEETING and learn how: *

  • The government and power generators will soon be celebrating windfall profits while you’re suffering a 5% price rise.
  • Petrol will soon go up 4 cents a litre because of the ETS.
  • The above rises will double to 10% and 8 cents a litre by 2013.
  • The cost of EVERYTHING ELSE will go up after July 1, as the increased cost of power and transport forces increases across the board.

* *

  • * Note: these rises do not include rises in GST and other ‘normal’ increases. *
  • New Zealand is the only country to blindly press ahead with such a punishing eco-tax, despite mounting evidence that the science behind global warming is not close to being settled.
  • All our major trading partners have put the brakes on their emissions remedies ­ so they can’t punish us if we do the same.
  • Only by making your voice heard can you avoid this totally unnecessary eco-tax. Rodney Hide or myself will tell you how.

TAKAPUNA: Monday 12 April – The Mary Thomas Centre, 3
Gibbons Road, Takapuna, 7 p.m.
GREENLANE: Tuesday 13 April – Greenlane Christian Centre, 17
Marewa Rd., Greenlane, 7.30 p.m. (with Rodney Hide)
PAKURANGA: Wednesday 14 April – Howick Little Theatre, Lloyd
Elsmore Park, Pakuranga Road, 7.30 pm
PAKURANGA: Thursday 15 April – Howick Little Theatre, Lloyd
Elsmore Park, Pakuranga Road, 12.30-1.30
DUNSANDEL: Thursday 15 April – Dunsandel Community Hall,
Hororata/ Dunsandel Road, Christchurch, 7 p.m. (with Rodney Hide)

KOHIMARAMA: Monday 19 April ­ St. Thomas’s Church Hall, corner
St. Heliers Bay Road and Kohimarama Road, 11 a.m.
HENDERSON: Monday 19 April ­ Corban Estate Arts Centre, Opanuku
Studio, 426 Great North Road, Henderson, Waitakere City, 7.30 p.m.

HAMILTON: Monday 3 May ­Mellow Manor,
Hamilton/Cambridge Highway, Tamahere, 7.30 p.m.

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email

Please pass this email on to your friends, family and colleagues.

Best regards,
John Boscawen ACT M.P.

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One Thought on “Urgent public meeting – reject the ETS now!

  1. jaymam on 13/04/2010 at 10:09 pm said:

    Genesis Energy, being the company with the largest thermal power station, often sets the power price at peak periods. Since Genesis actually has to pay for the carbon they generate (more than the other power companies), they will be less competitive and thus will lose customers. In fact why would they get to keep any customers?
    Since the carbon tax for all power companies depends on the highest price for power, won’t this cause an ever-increasing spiral in prices?

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